West Virginia Northern Community College

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Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure


Effective Date (If Applicable) 

Adjunct Faculty Rate of Pay August 2012   8/2012
Adjunct Faculty Teaching by Administrators or Classified Staff    Adjunct Faculty Approval Form (5-26-10) 5/26/2010
College Emergency Closing Guidelines and Procedure   11/2015 
Copyright Policy    
Dress Code 2-17-2012   2/17/2012
Facilities Use Procedure 7-1-2010   7/1/2010
Faculty Promotion Criteria and Procedure Peer Evaluation Instrument for Departments and Committees  4/1/2010



FERC Procedure Effective 8-22-2016

Faculty Professional Plan and Evaluation Document (Excel)

Faculty Professional Plan and Evaluation Document (Word) Not available online.  Please contact HR office for the Word document if needed.




Full Time Faculty Absence Presidential Practice                              Faculty Absence Form 3/15/2010 
Funeral Leave Procedure   3/10/2014
Jury Duty Reporting    
Master Key Usage Procedure 2-2009   2/2009
Online Course Procedure 10-12-2016   10/12/2016
Phone Conversation Recording    4/1/2008
PIQ Timeframe Administrative Procedure   10/15/2008 
Public Access Administrative Procedure   12/1/2011 


Awards and Accreditations