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Instructor: Marian Grubor

Essentials of Dining

CART 125

Professor Marian Grubor CCE
Division Chair Business, CIT, Culinary Arts/ Program Coordinator
Office 421 C
Phone 304 214-8869

Monday 3:00-4:00
Tuesday 3:00 –4:00
Wednesday 10:00- 3:00
Thursday 10:00- 3:00
Friday 10:00 -2:00


CLASS TIMES: Monday and Tuesdays, March 11 – May 6; 4-9:35 pm

CART 125 Essentials of Dining Service
This course is designed to provide an understanding of dining room procedures and principles used for full service operations and buffet service. Included in the course are classic methods of table service, preparation of the dining room for service, personal hygiene, sanitation and customer relations. Table side cookery is also included in the course. Practical application of the principles is accomplished by waiting on tables during some of the laboratory classes. Uniform is required for this class: black pants or skirt with white shirt and black vest. Students must register for a lecture and laboratory section.


1. Learning Outcomes
2. Demonstrate general rules of table setting
3. Demonstrate specific American, French, Russian service
4. Discuss food delivery systems
5. Describe functions of dining services
6. Discuss training procedures of dining staff


1. Identify all local, state and federal laws pertaining to the purchase of alcoholic beverages.
2. Identify all local, state and federal laws pertaining to the sale of alcoholic beverages.
3. Distinguish the basic production process for distilled spirits, liquors, beer and brandies.
4. Evaluate the relationship of beverages to food.
5. Identify and preparation, presentation and service of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and de-alcohol zed beverages to include coffees and teas.
6. Identify equipment used for beverage preparation and service.
7 Identify glassware used for beverage preparation and service.
8. Discuss opening procedures of a beverage operation.
9 Discuss closing procedures of a beverage operation
10. Identify levels of intoxication
11. Identify methods to control consumption by guests.
12. Discuss Dram Shop Act and liquor law liability.
13. Explain procedures for implementing internal beverage controls.
14. Demonstrate the general rules of table settings.
15. Demonstrate the general rules of table and service.
16. Demonstrate specific American service
17. Demonstrate specific English service
18. Demonstrate specific French service
19. Demonstrate specific Russian Service.
20. Discuss food delivery systems such as banquets, buffets and catering.
21. Describe the functions of dining service.
22. Discuss training procedures for dining room staff.
23. Discuss procedures for processing guest checks.
24 Demonstrate an understanding of guest service
25. Demonstrate an understanding of customer relations,
26. Demonstrate an understanding of handling difficult situations
27. Demonstrate an understanding of making accommodations for the disabled
28. Explain inter-relationships between dining room and kitchen operations.
29. Explain the relationship of work flow between dining room and kitchen.
30. Discuss sales techniques for service personnel
31. Discuss menu knowledge for service personnel
32. Discuss techniques for suggestive selling for service personnel


Midterm................. 15%
Projects ……............. 20%
100 - 90 ..........A
89- 80............ .B
79-70 .............C
69-60 .............D

Classes are not to be missed. After the second miss you will be withdrawn.
Please see Culinary Arts Student Handbook.


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