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Instructor: Marian Grubor

Practical exam guidelines

Culinary Arts Practical Exam
CART 275

• Students are responsible for doing inventory of ingredients one day prior to test and again 3 hours prior to testing.
• Sanitation skills will be monitored at all times for compliance with standard rules
• Sanitation fractions will result in a failing grade
• Professional Clean uniform is required
• Have all information to chefs listed in prior to testing guidelines.
• Assistant chef must be approved by faculty chefs
• Cooking utensils and serving utensils must be listed and inventoried.

Exam time: 3 hours

During the time allotted for the exam, candidates must prepare and exhibit the following skills, finish each according to industry standards and present final product to guests and faculty chefs. Each item must be used in a course of the meal prepared and presented in that fashion.
Student Chefs shall exhibit the following:

All of the following items must be incorporated into menu for the dishes prepared. Examinee is permitted to use all three proteins but must use 2 of the proteins as their main course and appetizer courses. Any and all unused items must be properly stored.

• 2 tournes per entrée served
• Julienne 2 oz.
• Batonette, 4 oz.
• Fine chopped parsley 4T
• Mire Poix 1 lb.
• Prepare and begin to cook 1.5 gallons Chicken stock
• Fabrication of 1 whole chicken
o 2 drumsticks
o 2 thighs
o 1 wing
o 1 airline breast
o 1 boneless skinless breast
• Pilaf method using any grain
• Fresh vegetables
• Strip Steak minimum of 6 oz. – medium rare
• Fillet whole flat fish
• Prepare salad with classical hand emulsified vinaigrette dressing
All examinees will have the appetizer course ready to serve guests by 6:00 pm. The salad course follows and then the main entrée. Dessert and bread will be provided by department. Any additional product not utilized must be properly packaged and stored.

Prior to testing
Examinees will provide faculty chefs:
o Grocery list 1 week prior to examination
o List of guests
o Type of wines desired ( red or white, sweet or dry, not brands)
o Linens and colors needed
o List of plates, flatware, glass ware, cups etc. needed.
o Procedural timeline with recipes
o Name of assistant
o Printed menu day of meal


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