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Information for Students Enrolling in Online Programs

West Virginia Northern Community College offers the following online degree programs:

Associate in Arts General

Associate in Arts History/Social Science Concentration

Associate in Arts English/Humanities Concentration

Associate in Arts Psychology Concentration

Associate in Science

Associate in Science - Business Administration Transfer Option

2+2 WVSU Associate in Applied Science, Business Administration, Business Studies

Associate in Applied Science -  Business Administration

Certificate in Applied Science -  Small Business Management Certificate

Certificate in Applied Science - Computer Information Technology, Microsoft Applications Certificate

In addition to the fully online degree programs, students may choose from a variety of degree programs that can be completed utilizing a combination of online and traditional coursework. Students may also choose to take individual online courses to add flexibility and convenience to their academic schedule.

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Students may apply to West Virginia Northern Community College online at www.wvncc.edu by selecting Potential Student.  Applicants should send high school and college transcripts as well as any placement test scores they may have to WVNCC at the time of application.

Any applicable transcripts will be reviewed to determine Reading, English, and Math placement.  Testing requirements will be determined for all students at the time of admission. Students who require placement testing should contact Tami Becker, Director - Student Services, to set up a remote testing location near the student's home address if necessary. The College will send a remote testing registration number and location to the student via their WVNCC student email account (accessible after applying to the college).  

The student has 90 calendar days to take the placement test with the provided testing registration number. Students who wish to change assigned locations or who do not test with the required 90 calendar days must contact the College for new testing information. The College does not charge the student for their test, but most remote testing locations charge a proctoring fee that the student will need to pay.

Score results are available immediately following the test. The student should notify a member of the Admissions Office or Student Services to obtain the results. If the student successfully passes all placement testing requirements, the student is ready for college level courses. Students who are not ready for college level courses may enroll in WVNCC's Developmental Fast-Track program at no charge to the student. This program will prepare students to retake the placement test or master the content required to proceed to college level courses. For more information please contact onlineDFT@wvncc.edu.

For additional information regarding the application and admissions testing process, visit the Admissions webpage or contact Jenna Derrico, Program Coordinator, Admissions.



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