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Appliance Repair, C.A.S.




Appliance Repair

Certificate of Applied Science
Program Director: Joseph Remias
Academic Advisor(s): WH-Remias; WT-Remias/Soly; NM-Remias/Slie 

This is a technical education program designed to prepare students to do routine maintenance and repair of gas and electrical appliances such as ranges, refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers. Classroom lectures, demonstrations and discussions will be supplemented by laboratory work and field trips to businesses employing major appliance repair technicians. Students completing the program should be able to find employment in either small or major appliance servicing companies such as small appliance businesses, large service centers, malls, high rise apartment complexes as well as self-employed.

Employment avenues include, but are not limited to, appliance installers, repair technicians, sales representatives, microwave specialists, appliance repair and maintenance troubleshooters and maintenance workers.
Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Perform general installation techniques on the majority of domestic appliances
  • Identify all primary and secondary components within an appliance and interchange them appropriately
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to do basic service on most major appliances

Home appliance repairers held nearly 51,000 jobs in 1998. More than 15 percent of repairers are self-employed. About one-half of the salaried repairers worked in retail establishments such as department stores, household appliance stores and fuel dealers. Others worked for gas and electric utility companies, electrical repair shops, and wholesalers.

Almost every community in the country employs appliance repairers; a high concentration of jobs are found in more populated areas. Employment is relatively steady because the demand for appliance repair services continues and jobs are expected to be increasingly concentrated in larger companies. Earnings of appliance repairers vary according to the skill level required to fix equipment, geographic location, and the type of equipment repaired.


 Fall Semester

Course                                                                                        Cr. Hours
ARS 106 Appliance Repair and Maintenance I        4
EL 112 Basic Principles of Electricity and Electrical Control Mechanisms        4
MATH 100 Fundamentals of Mathematics        2
RAH 100 Basic Refrigeration I        4
RAH 206 Heating Systems I        3

Spring Semester

Cr. Hours
ARS 102 Appliance Installation        2
ARS 107 Appliance Repair and Maintenance II        4
ENG 101 College Composition I
ENG 115 Technical Writing
RAH 211 Air Conditioning        4
General Education Core Requirement*        1

Total Hours in Program – 31

* Additional 1 credit hour of general education core is required.

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