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ATI TEAS Test Information and Registration

TEAS Test | Test of Essential Academic Skills | ATI



TEAS Test Room Rules and Sign-In Procedures

• You will be given a “WVNCC Testing Rules Agreement” to review and sign.

• Be prepared to show a valid, unexpired ID—one with your photograph and signature (e.g.: driver’s license or passport). Photo ID credit cards or WVNCC student ID will not be accepted as photo ID. Any candidate providing false identification or misrepresenting his or her identity at any time will be dismissed from the testing room and the original candidate will not be permitted to test at any time at WVNCC. ATI will be notified.

• You will be asked to show your receipt for payment of the TEAS V Test.

•You must bring two pencils to use at the computer with 2 sheets of blank scratch paper.  This paper must be submitted prior to leaving testing area.

• You must be able to access your ATI Account for testing. The proctor is not responsible to assist you to access that information. If you are unable to access your ATI account for testing you will be asked to leave the testing center to contact ATI. The test will not be delayed to assist any candidate. You will not be permitted entrance once the test has been started.

• You will not be permitted to print any results in the testing center.

• No discussion will occur in the testing center after completion of the test.

• Students will be required to follow the nursing program testing procedure: 

No electronic devices such as cell phones, palm computers, ipods and watches or the wearing of hats will be allowed during exams. All personal property will be left at the front of the room or other designated place. Students are required to leave personal belongings in designated areas No study aids (i.e. textbooks, notebooks, classroom notes) are allowed in the testing space. No papers, books, food, pens, wallets, hats, dark glasses, watches, beepers, or cell phones are allowed on the testing surface. No cameras, photographic equipment or any other electronic devices are allowed in the testing space. Unauthorized scratch paper may not be used during testing. No personal calculators may be used during an examination.  Students may be requested to pull up long sleeves or pant legs, and may be asked to remove hoodies. Students may go to the restroom one at a time. Test proctors will not provide the pencils allowed for use during testing.  

• Arrive on time for the start of the test—presentation of instructions. Candidates arriving late when the door is closed to the testing room will not be permitted entrance, and no refund will be given. No exceptions will be made to this policy Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: • Food • Beverages • Books • Papers • Highlighters • Rulers • Notes • Earplugs (except for sponge type plain) • Calculators (including watch calculators) • Cell phones • Recording devices • Cameras • Headphones • Watches • Any other electronic devices or reference materials. • Any hat with a bill or brim unless it is worn for a religious or medical reason. • Any article of clothing, jewelry, or accessory that may contain any information (whether as a design or otherwise) that may be reasonably related to the assessment. • Sleeves and pant-legs may be asked to be pulled up. • Coats, hoodies and sweatshirts will be asked to be removed.

• Visitors are not permitted at any time in the testing room.

• Do not bring prohibited items to the test.

• You will NOT have access to any purses, cell phones, or backpacks during the exam. These items must be placed in a designated area provided in the testing room. . If you must access a personal item, such as an item needed to take to a restroom, this is allowed. However, if you access anything else from the secure area (cell phone, backpack, study notes, etc.), your test will be invalidated.

• All electronic devices must be turned off while in the secure area. If your cell phone rings or makes any noise while in the secure area, your test will be invalidated and your fees will not be refunded. If you access, check, or turn on your cell phone at any time during your test session (including you break) your test will be invalidated.


WVNCC, its affiliated companies, agents, or contractors will assume responsibility for the theft, loss, or damage to any prohibited electronic device or other personal property brought into the testing center or left in your car.


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