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Associate in Arts Degree - English/Humanities Concentration

Associate in Arts Degree
English/Humanities Concentration


This program is designed for those who expect to transfer to a college or university to
study in English, literature and/or humanities. The curriculum gives students a broad
background in liberal arts with an emphasis on English, literature, humanities, and
social sciences.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:
• Demonstrate knowledge of important literary works and writers and their
relationship to historical and sociological events
• Demonstrate a readiness to enter a bachelor degree program with appropriate
commitment to attendance, initiative, organization, and interest in the
concentration field
• Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to general education competencies
for the Associate in Arts degree, including the ability to:
• Communicate effectively
• Work collaboratively
• Think critically and solve problems
• View issues from a global perspective
• Conduct basic research using computers
• Appreciate literature and the arts
• Live according to conscious values and ethics

Graduates of this program would plan to transfer to a four-year college or university
to complete a bachelor’s degree in English, literature, secondary education, English
education, or another liberal arts discipline, and may go on to earn an advanced


First Year – Fall Semester - Cr. Hrs.
ENG 101 College Composition I - 3
HIST History Core Requirement - 3
MATH Mathematics Core Requirement - 3(5)
PSYC 105 Introduction to Psychology - 3
SPCH 105 Fundamentals of Speech Communication - 3

First Year – Spring Semester - Cr. Hrs.
ENG 102 College Composition II - 3
MATH Mathematics Core Requirement - 4(5)
SCI Science Core Requirement - (4)
PHIL 200 Introduction to Philosophy - 3
SS Social Science Core Requirement - 3
Concentration Elective* - 3

Second Year – Fall Semester - Cr. Hrs.
HPE Physical Education Requirement# - 1
MUS 105 Music Appreciation 3 SCI Science Core Requirement - 4
SOC 125 Introduction to Sociology - 3
Concentration Elective* - 3

Second Year – Spring Semester - Cr. Hrs.
ART 150 Art Appreciation - 3
POLS 102 American National Government and Politics - 3
SS 255 The Global Community - 3
Concentration Elective* -  3
Elective - 3

Total Hours in Program – 60-63
* Choose from: ENG 200, ENG 201, ENG 208, ENG 210, ENG 211, ENG 225, ENG 226.
Concentration and general electives should be selected in consultation with an advisor and/or the college to which the student intends to transfer.
Refer to Core Requirements for the Associate in Arts Program in the beginning of this section for acceptable core requirements in HUM, HIST, SS, MATH, and SCI. #HPE requirements can be fulfilled with HPE 100, 101 or 105.
Note: Courses used to fulfill core requirements may not also be used as concentration hours – it is recommended that students in this program choose their six hours of HUM core requirements from ART, ENG, MUS, or PHIL.

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