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CIT Software Engineering, A.A.S

Computer Information Technology
Software Engineering
Associate in Applied Science

Associate in Applied Science DegreeThis program prepares students with practical skills and knowledge for entry-level positions within the software engineering profession. Software engineering relates to the concept, design, implementation, deployment and maintenance of software. The program seeks to provide the theoretical fundamentals of software development coupled with an understanding and application of practical aspects and competencies required by industry. The program is designed to support innovation through the application of software engineering principles to solve business problems.
Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:
• Develop a broad foundation of various programming languages and platforms
• Provide students with an understanding of software engineering principles
• Instruct students in conceptualization, proposal development, database design, interface design, system architecture, documentation, presentation, and delivery
• Develop, within students, an appreciation for the importance of excellent business and communication skills in a typical software engineering environment
• Assist graduates in obtaining entry-level positions in the field of software engineering
Graduates may work in software design, testing, maintenance and development, database administration, and web development. Graduates may also qualify for entrylevel management positions in a technical capacity.
The program course requirements are presented in sequence. Part-time students and others who cannot follow this sequence should check course descriptions in the college catalog to determine prerequisites and, in addition, should consult their academic advisor regarding the order in which they take courses.





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