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Fall WVSRC Respiratory Care Conference      September 13, 14, 2012

Sponsored by th West Virginia Sosciey for Respiratory Care


Respiratory Update      March 2013

Sponsored by the Tuberculosis Association of Ohio Countyi


Annual Health Care Team Conference  April  2013

Sponsored by Chapter 1 of the West Virginia Society for Respiratory Care


For information contact:                    Ralph Lucki       rlucki@wvncc.edu

Course Information

RCT 104 Introduction to Respiratory Care

RCT Therapeutic Procedures

RCT Respiratory Care Sciences

RCT Clinical Practice I

RCT  Critical Care I

RCT Clinical Practice II

RCT Respiratory Care Specialties

RCT Clinical Practice III

RCT Critical Care II

RCT  Clinical Practice IV

RCT   Respiratory Care Seminar

RCT  Respiratory Care Preceptorship

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