West Virginia Northern Community College

Programs of Study

Cyber Security A.A.S. Degree

The field of informational technology is now seeking Cyber Security professionals to work in an array of various information technology roles. Students that complete this degree will have the skills necessary to defend computer systems against, unauthorized use or entry into a network, exploitation of organizational or agency data, and other various cyber security related attacks that could cause harm to an organization or agency. Regardless if you are a new to the field of information technology or a current information technology professional looking to augment their skills or advance their career, our Cyber Security AAS program is an excellent opportunity to broaden your technology scope.

Students and information technology professional that enter into this program of study should be prepared to demonstrate excellent communication, reading, and math skills. Throughout the duration of the program, students and information technology professionals will experience coursework and projects that will test and develop their critical thinking, methods of decision-making, and how they evaluate and observe technology in organizations and agencies. Along with obtaining a degree after the completion of this program, preparation towards certification and internships will be offered.

The Cyber Security AAS program here at West Virginia Northern Community College is a total of 62 credit hours with 15 of the credit hours being Cyber Security courses. Therefore, if you are a current or returning student, from West Virginia Northern Community College or another institution, please contact the registrar to determine what courses you may currently have will transfer towards credit!

Career Opportunities
Cyber Security graduates at West Virginia Northern Community College will find themselves needed in both the public and private employment sectors. Some of the career paths Cyber Security graduates may experience, but are not limited to, are information technology specialists, systems administrators, system programmers, or network engineers.



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