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Programs of Study

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Programs of Study

West Virginia Northern Community College is authorized by the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education and Higher Education Policy Commission to offer the following programs resulting in the granting of Associate in Arts degrees (A.A.), Associate in Science degrees (A.S.), Associate in Applied Science degrees (A.A.S.) and Certificate in Applied Science (C.A.S.). NOTE: Students can apply up tp three credit hours of continuing education credit toward a degree.

Transfer Programs
Associate in Arts, A.A. - Concentrations: English, General, History, Psychology, and Social Science
Associate in Science, A.S. - Concentrations: Science, Mathematics, Business Administration

Transfer Programs—Specialized 2+2 Agreements
Accounting/Business 2+2, Transfer to WVIT, A.S.
Accounting/Business Administration Option 2+2, Transfer to FUS, A.S.
Business Administration 2+2, Transfer to WLU, A.S.
Business Studies Business Admin. 2+2, Transfer to FUS, A.A.S.
Computer Information Systems Specialization, 2+2, Transfer WLU, A.A.S.
Computer Information Technology 2+2, Transfer to WJU, A.A.S
Criminal Justice 2+2, Transfer to WLU, A.A.S
Early Childhood Education—Transfer to FUS, Transfer Agreement (not Financial Aid eligible)
Elementary Education 2+2, Transfer to BC, A.A.
Pre-Elementary Education Option
Elementary Education 2+2, Transfer to WLU, A.A.
Psychology 2+2, Transfer to WJU, A.A.
(Pre)Psychology with Social Work 2+2, Transfer to WLU, A.A.S
Social Work 2+2, Pre-Social Work Option, Transfer to BC, A.A.
Social Work 2+2, Transfer to FUS, A.A.
Social Work 2+2, Transfer to WVU, A.A.
Teacher Education, Pre-Secondary: English Specialization 2+2, Transfer to WLU, A.A.S
Teacher Education: Specialization in Social Studies 2+2,
Transfer to WLU, A.A.S

Career-Technical Education Programs
Accounting, Business Studies, A.A.S.
Appliance Repair, C.A.S.
Board of Governors Degree Completion Program, A.A.S.
Business Administration, Business Studies, A.A.S.
Business Office, Business Career Studies, C.A.S.
Certified Nurse Assistant, C.A.S.

Computer Information Technology
A+ Computer Repair, C.A.S.
Cisco Networking, C.A.S.
Microsoft Applications, C.A.S.
Microsoft Applications and Support Desk, A.A.S.
Networking: Microsoft, A.A.S.
Systems Development, A.A.S.
Criminal Justice, A.A.S.
Culinary Arts, A.A.S.
Culinary Arts, C.A.S.
Early Childhood: Care and Education, Human Services, A.A.S.
Executive Administrative Assistant, Business Studies, A.A.S.
Health Care, C.A.S.
Health Information Technology, A.A.S.
Human Services, A.A.S.
Industrial Maintenance Technology, C.A.S.
Joint Technical Programs, A.A.S.
Legal Office, Business Career Studies, C.A.S.
Mechatronics, A.A.S.
Medical Assisting, Administrative Medical Assistant, C.A.S.
Medical Assisting, Clinical Medical Assistant 1+1, A.A.S.
Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, C.A.S.
Nursing, A.A.S.
Nursing, LPN-ADN Transition Option
Occupational Development, A.A.S.
Paralegal Studies, A.A.S.
Paralegal Studies, C.A.S.
Patient Care Technician, C.A.S.
Petroleum Technology, A.S.
Petroleum Technology, C.A.S.
Power Plant Technology, A.A.S.
Radiologic Technology, Degree Completion, A.A.S.
Radiography Technology, WVNCC, A.A.S.
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating, A.A.S.
Respiratory Care, A.A.S.
Small Business Management, Business Career Studies, C.A.S.
Surgical Technology, A.A.S.
Technical Studies, A.A.S.

NOTE: This list of programs is subject to modification by the College.

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