West Virginia Northern Community College

Programs of Study

Advanced Manfacturing (Formerly known as Mechatronics) A.A.S.

Advanced Manufacturing
Associate in Applied Science
(Formerly known as Mechatronics)

Advanced Manufacturing is a program designed to prepare individuals to be
electrical and mechanical maintenance technicians for the highly technological,
integrated and automated manufacturing facilities of the modern workplace. The
program is designed to integrate mechanical, electrical, process and control skills
as employers are demanding technicians who are “cross-trained.” Students learn
to install, replace, troubleshoot and repair equipment used in manufacturing
facilities. All technical courses have an intensive hands-on lab component as
students learn skills in electrical systems, motor control, hydraulics and pneumatics,
programmable logic controllers, instrumentation, workplace safety, and problem
solving and teamwork.
Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:
• Follow conventional industrial safety practices
• Troubleshoot, repair, install and replace electrical systems
• Troubleshoot, repair, install and replace motor control systems
• Troubleshoot, repair, install and replace hydraulic and pneumatic systems
• Troubleshoot, program, install, adjust and replace programmable
controller systems
• Read and analyze prints, schematic diagrams, circuit diagrams and ladder
• Operate effectively in a team setting
• Apply critical thinking, problem analysis, and decision-making skills
Job opportunities for graduates of the program are high as manufacturing facilities
are faced with large numbers of baby boomers retiring and the need for highly
skilled workers to maintain and operate the automated equipment of the modern
manufacturing facility. In addition to opportunities with the steel industry,
individuals may work in chemical, power generating, and fabricating industries.


First Year - Fall Semester Cr. Hrs.
APT 100 Introduction to Applied Technology - 2
APT 102 Safety for Industry - 3
APT 110 Introduction to Print Reading - 3
CIT 117 Microsoft Applications - 3
ENG 115 Technical Writing - 3
HPE 110 CPR and First Aid - 1

First Year - Spring Semester Cr. Hrs.
APT 150 Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fundamentals - 2
APT 155 Electrical & Electronic Fundamentals - 3
MATH 113 Technical Mathematics - 4
MEC 120 Motors/Motor Controls - 3
MEC 122 Machine Maintenance & Installation - 3

Second Year - Fall Semester Cr. Hrs.
MEC 115 Instrumentation I Mechanical - 3
MEC 140 Programmable Controllers I - 3
MEC 232 Pumps and Piping - 3
PHYS 115 Applied Physics - 4
SPCH 101 Interpersonal Communications - 3

Second Year - Spring Semester Cr. Hrs.
MEC 222 Programmable Controllers II - 3
MEC 230 Fluid Power Systems - 3
MEC 235 Instrumentation II Electrical - 3
MEC 250 Problem Solving & Teamwork Seminar - 2
PSYC 155 Human Relations - 3

Total Hours in Program - 60

Awards and Accreditations