West Virginia Northern Community College

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Microsoft Applications and Support Desk A.A.S.

Computer Information Technology
Microsoft Applications and Support Desk
Associate in Applied Science Degree

This program provides students with the technical skills required for Microsoft application certification exams and end user support.
Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:
• Use various types of software programs efficiently and effectively to fulfilling business objectives
• Troubleshoot applications and software
• Assist in the design, delivery and improvement of in-house software applications
• Install, diagnose, repair, maintain and upgrade PC hardware
• Support the organization in the delivery of training to end users in the organization
Graduates of this program can expect to obtain employment in positions such as computer support specialists, help desk technician, application support analyst, software application trainer, desktop technician and use Microsoft applications in support of business management.
The program course requirements are presented in sequence. Part-time students and others who cannot follow this sequence should check course descriptions in the college catalog to determine prerequisites and, in addition, should consult their academic advisor regarding the order in which they take courses.


First Year - Fall Semester Cr. Hrs.
CIT 105 Operating Systems - 3
CIT 120 Microsoft Word I - 3
ENG 101 College Composition I - 3
MATH Math Core Requirement - 3
SPCH 101 Interpersonal Communications - 3
SPCH 105 Fundamentals of Speech - (3)

First Year - Spring Semester Cr. Hrs.
CIT 107 Excel - 3
CIT 159 Microsoft Publisher - 3
CIT 182 Power Point Presentations - 3
CIT 245 Network Security Fundamentals - 3
PSYC 155 Human Relations - 3

Second Year - Fall Semester Cr. Hrs.
CIT 111 Help Desk Concepts - 3
CIT 123 A+ Hardware Essentials - 3
CIT 250 IT Analysis and Design - 3
SS SS Core Requirement - 3
Restricted Elective** - 3

Second Year - Spring Semester Cr. Hrs.
CIT 112 Access - 3
CIT 184 A+ networking and software - 3
CIT 207 Computer Applications Support - 3
CIT 220 Unix/Linux - 3
CIT 291 CIT Practicum - 3

Total Hours in Program – 60
** Select from BA 240, MGT 253 or any CIT course other than CIT 117



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