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NURS 132 Drug Dosage Calculations I - Semester 1

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Course Number: NURS 132

Course Title: Drug and Dosage Calculations I

Course Description: This course is designed to enhance the nursing student’s ability to read, interpret, and solve dosage calculation problems. Critical thinking skills are applied to medication situations to emphasize the importance of accuracy and the avoidance of medication errors.

Prerequisites: Admission to nursing program

Prerequisites/Corequisites: A&P 1

Corequisites: Introduction to Nursing Concepts, Health Assessment and Diagnostics I

Credit Hours: 1 Lecture: 1 Lab: 0

Expanded Description / Course Focus:

Topics will include: a thorough review of ratio and proportion and dimensional analysis, fractions, decimals and percent; conversion of measures within the same system of measurement and between different systems of measurement; and calculating safe drug dosages and intravenous fluid administration.



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Course Student Learning Outcomes: The following list of student learning outcomes will be achieved at the successful completion of the course.

Nursing Judgment: Make judgments in practice, substantiated with evidence, that integrate nursing science in the provision of safe, quality care and that promote the health of patients within a family and community context. (Patient-centeredness, holism, ethics)
1. Discuss the principles of medication administration safety
2. Identify the elements of accurate documentation of medication administration
3. Identify and prevent common medication errors
4. Demonstrate competencies in applying mathematical principles for safe medication administration
Professional Identity: Implement one’s role as a nurse in ways that reflect integrity, responsibility, ethical practices, and an evolving identity as a nurse committed to evidence-based practice, caring, advocacy, and safe, quality care for diverse patients within a family and community context. (Ethics, Caring, Integrity, Patient-centeredness, excellence)
5. Recognize the professional responsibility in the interpretation, calculation and administration of medications

Student Learning Outcomes: The following list of student learning performance objectives will be addressed in the course.

1. Translate Arabic numbers to Roman numerals and vice versa
2. Perform arithmetic operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
3. Convert between fractions, decimals, and percent.
4. Set up and solve problems utilizing the ratio and proportion and/or dimensional analysis methodology.
5. Convert from one system of measure to another using:
a. metric system
b. apothecary system
c. household system
6. Calculate drug dosages for oral and injectable medications.
7. Calculate intravenous infusion rates of volume per unit of time.


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