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Patient Care Technician Information

Requirements for Patient Care Technician Courses
Program Outcomes:
This includes satisfactory completion with recorded grade of ‘C’ in both PCT courses.

Be eligible to sit for separate Certification Nursing Assistant (outside WV). Not offered by WVNCC.

Be eligible to sit for Direct Care Worker Certification.

Hold a CPR Card Health Care Provider

Be eligible to sit for Phlebotomy Technician Certification.
Be eligible to sit for EKG Technician Certification.
PCT101 and PCT151
Be eligible to sit for Patient Care Technician certification through the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) or National Healthcare (NHA)

Eligibility requires:
1. HS Transcript or GED (USA)
a. Transcript must be on file at WVNCC by November 1 of fall course PCT 101.

2. English Proficiency
a. Exam and test is in English Language only

3. Background and Drug Screen : $100.00 Total (may add $11.00 per county charge if more than allotted).
Negative for convicted felonies and negative tested drugs (9 Panel: Amphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepine, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, propoxyphene) 

a. Completed by Castlebranch.com with course code first day of PCT101 course or PCT 151 course
b. Completed Oral Fluid Cheek Swab (9panel) Drug Screen done on site in class.  A positive test may result in inability to complete course or sit for state or national exam.

4. Health Assessment

a. Documentation on File in Health Science Program Secretary Office of Physical Exam by Practitioner that verifies physical health is suitable for patient care.  Cost depends on student insurance.
b. Documentation on file in Health Science Program Secretary Office of Negative PPD two step skin test or x-ray findings negative for active TB. Cost depends on student insurance or facility providing immunization (Approximately $25.00 each step)

c. Influenza Vaccine by November 1st.

Immunizations are given at county health departments, MedExpress, or private physician offices.

Text and supply Information Available in Bookstore: 

Required supplies:

Uniform (red scrub outfit):  Cost approximately $50.00
WVNCC Course Picture ID:  $5.00
White Leather Shoes:  Cost approximately $40.00
Wrist watch with second hand:  Cost approximately $15.00

Tote: Availaible in Bookstore:  Cost approximately $200.00

 Tote provides supplies utilized in course that will include Stethscope and BP Cuff.







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