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Petroleum Technology, A.A.S.

Petroleum Technology
Associate in Applied Science

The Petroleum Technology program is designed to prepare students for employment in the natural gas drilling, gathering and field operations industry associated with development of the Marcellus and Utica Shales. The program provides a strong foundation in oil and gas exploration, production and development in the Appalachian Basin. Laboratory classes include a strong emphasis on hands-on experiences. Safe work practices are emphasized and several industry certifications are embedded within the curriculum. Note: Hands-on outdoor labs may require travel to Fairmont, WV.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Follow conventional industrial safety practices.
  • Perform procedures and tasks commonly used in production of oil and gas in the Appalachian Basin.
  • Correctly and safely use lifting equipment and rigging hardware in the handling of machinery, supplies, and loads.
  • Demonstrate correct procedures to use in various drilling technologies. • Explain considerations that go into designing a well completion.
  • Use orifice measurement ot meter gas.
  • Apply priniciples of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems to the drilling, production, and services industries.

Job opportunities for graduates of the program are high as the oil and gas industry is one of the fasting growing industries in the region, if not the nation. Production workers are in high demand as employers move to extract the gas and associated petroleum liquids from the Marcellus and Utica Shales. The program qualifies graduates for employment in such positions as field technicians, pumpers, drilling technicians, measurement technicians, compressor operations, and many others.


First Year - Fall Semester

Cr. Hours
CIT 117    Microsoft Applications       3
MATH 113 Technical Mathematics       4
PTRM 100 Appalachian Petroleum Industry & Career Options       3
PTRM 102 Health, Safety & Environment/Hazard Recognition        3
PTRM 104 Production Technology with Hands-On Lab       3

First Year - Spring Semester

Cr. Hours
ENG 101   English Composition I        3
PTRM 105 First Aid/CPR for the Petroleum Industry        1
PTRM 107 Rigging for Land-Based Oil and Gas Operations        2
PTRM 109 Drilling Technology with Hands-On Lab        3
PTRM 113 Free Plunger Lift with Hands-On Lab        3
PTRM 115 Sucker Rod Pumping with Hands-On Lab        3

First Year - Summer Semester

Cr. Hours
PTRM 120 Internship/Cooperative Work Experience (Optional Elective)


Second Year - Fall Semester

Cr. Hours
ENG 115   Technical Writing        3
SOC Social Science Elective        3
PTRM 202 Well Completions Design & Operations with Lab        3
PTRM 206 Applied Chemistry for the Petroleum Industry with Lab        4
PTRM Petroleum Elective        2(3)

Second Year - Spring Semester

Cr. Hours
PTRM 211 Supervisory Level Well Control with Hands-On Lab        3
PTRM 213 Gas Measurement with Hands-On Lab        2
PTRM 215 Electrical, Analog and Digital Applications for Petroleum        3
PTRM 217 Petroleum Geology of Appalachia for Petroleum        2
PTRM 219 Hydraulic & Pneumatic Applications for Petroleum        3
Petroleum Elective        2(3)

Total Hours in Program - 61-63

Awards and Accreditations