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Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating, A.A.S.

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Technology
Associate in Applied Science Degree

This is a program designed to provide the technical knowledge and skills required of persons employed in the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration businesses and industries. Students completing the program will be able to find employment in the areas of residential and industrial air conditioning, heating and refrigeration installation, maintenance and service. Planned lectures and laboratory experiences parallel those activities performed by service technicians in the field and include installing and checking equipment, servicing and replacing major and minor components and troubleshooting and analysis of individual units and complete systems. Field trips to businesses and industries are an integral part of the program.

This program will give students a thorough and in-depth understanding of the technology as well as prepare them to make rapid transition into gainful employment.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Test pressure and temperatures ratings in a refrigeration system to identify if the system is performing properly
  • Be proficient with refrigeration and electrical testing equipment
  • Understand the functions of primary and secondary components within a refrigeration system
  • Be able to use troubleshooting techniques and implement appropriate follow-up procedures
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic principles of refrigeration and their applications

Certification through EPA is offered at the completion of the course requirements. WVNCC serves as a testing center in accordance with the EPA credentials.

Graduates from this program can expect to obtain employment in positions such as refrigeration and air conditioner installers, servicers, and repairers; heating and cooling technicians; dispatchers; troubleshooters for refrigeration and heating systems; parts men; refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic apprentices; facility managers and supervisors.

Graduates are employed by refrigeration, air conditioning and heating installation contractors and retail and servicing establishments. Employers are local and out-of-state unions; industrial, chemical and electrical plants; industrial centers; light and heavy commercial centers; and domestic residences.

The employment outlook is excellent. WVNCC’s program boasts a 100% employment placement during the past 10 years.

First Year – Fall Semester Cr. Hrs.
EL 112 Basic Principles of Electricity and
Electrical Control Mechanisms - 4
RAH 100 Basic Refrigeration I - 4
RAH 102 Refrigeration Controls - 4
SS Social Science Core Requirement - 3

First Year – Spring Semester Cr. Hrs.
EL 113 Industrial Electricity I - 4
IMT 205 Welding - 3
MATH 113 Technical Mathematics - 4
RAH 101 Basic Refrigeration II - 4

Second Year – Fall Semester Cr. Hrs.
ENG 101 College Composition I - 3
MGT 253 Small Business Management - 3
PHYS 115 Applied Physics - 4
RAH 204 Climate Control - 4
RAH 206 Heating Systems I - 3

Second Year – Spring Semester Cr. Hrs.
ENG 115 Technical Writing - 3
RAH 207 Heating Systems II - 3
RAH 209 Duct Layout and Prints - 3
RAH 211 Air Conditioning - 4

Total Hours in Program – 60



Awards and Accreditations