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While most people take breathing for granted there are many among us who cannot. Abnormalities of all kinds affect our ability to breathe. For many people lung  problems, such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema find breathing is a major difficulty. Others may be victims of accidents, or may suffer from various cardiac problems, cancer or cystic fibrosis. Newborn infants often have greatly labored breathing and need respiratory support in order to survive.

Individuals with breathing difficulties many may seek assistance from healthcare organizations and are seen by Registered Respiratory Therapists,   specialists responsible for evaluation, treatment and education of  individuals with  wide variety of  lung problems.

Role of the Respiratory Therapist
There are over 100,000 respiratory therapists working in the United States caring for patients of all ages and in many different care settings. Respiratory Therapists are professional members of the health care team, providing respiratory care for patients with all disorders that affect breathing.

Most Respiratory Therapists perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in  hospitals working with adults, pediatric and newborn patients. Respiratory Therapists are a vital part of a hospital's early response and code teams responsible for emergency situations. In addition Respiratory Therapists are employed in physician's offices, home health care, medical equipment companies, and diagnostic sleep laboratories.

Employment                                                                                                                    The West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care, Ohio Respiratory Care Board and Pennsylvania Board of Respiratory Care permit students enrolled in accredited  programs to be employed in respiratory care during the clinical phase of their education.

• Salaries for respiratory care professionals vary widely, but wages throughout the country are competitive with similar health related professions

• According to a 2009 Human Resources study conducted by the AARC the average salary nationally for RTs was $62,223 with starting salaries for recent graduates ranging from 42,078 to 47,297

• According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics respiratory care is projected
to grow 26%, faster than the average for all occupations through 2020

Admission Requirement

  1. Complete a WVNCC Application
  2. Complete a Health Science Application
  3. Submit Transcripts from all colleges attended and have a Cumulative  2.25 GPA
  4. Submit ACT, SAT or Compass Test Scores
  5. Complete all required transitional courses in Math, Reading and Writing
  6. Candidates meeting the above requirements will be eligible for an interview.
  7. Candidates who successfully complete the interview are required to pass a Background Check, Physical and Drug Screening
  8. Candidates successfully completing the above requirments will be considered for Final Approval and accepted into the program of Respiratory Care

Professional Organizations

American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC)

9425 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 100,
Irving, TX 75063-4706, USA

Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC)  

WVNCC, AAS Degree Respiratory Care Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. The program has been placed on Probationary Accreditation as of  November 9, 2013.

Probationary Accreditation is a temporary status of accreditation conferred when an accredited program is not in compliance with one or more Standards and/or Policies.

1248 Harwood Road
Bedford, TX 76021-4244                                                                              817-283-2835 (Office)
817-354-8519 (Fax)

CoARC Programs Outcome Information

National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC)

18000 W. 105th Street
Olathe, KS 66061-7543
Toll-Free: 888.341.4811
Phone: 913.895.4900
Fax: 913.895.4650

West Virginia Society for Respiratory Care (WVSRC) 

West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care (WVBORC)

106 Dee Drive, Suite 1
Charleston, WV 25311 

Clinical Affiliates

Barnesville Hospital

Bellaire Community Hospital

East Ohio Regional Hospital

Heritage Valley Health Care

Ohio Valley Medical Center

Trinity Healthcare

UPMC - Presbyterian Hospital

UPMC - Mercy Hospital

Washington Hospital

Weirton Medical Center

WVU Healthcare - Ruby Memorial Hospital

WVU Healthcare - Childrens Hospital

Wheeling Hospital






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