West Virginia Northern Community College

Programs of Study

Technical Studies, A.A.S.

Northern works with employers or agencies to develop programs which incorporate training from the sponsor and combine it with general education and technical training provided by the College to offer an associate degree. Students must be employees or clients of the sponsor to be eligible for enrollment in this program. Required courses are specified in agreements between the College and the sponsor.

A Technical Studies program which is currently available is Child and Family Specialist with Northern Panhandle Headstart of West Virginia.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

• Effectively use both written and verbal communication skills in the workplace

• Demonstrate knowledge of interpersonal skills and their application in the workplace

• Apply principles of mathematics and science to contemporary issues in society and in the workplace

• Demonstrate an understanding of technical skills required in the specific occupational area

The Technical Studies program generally has three components: general education core; technical core; and technical specialty. For some programs, there may be an on-the-job training component. Specific agreements which list course requirements for each component are available from the College Counselors or the Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development.

Awards and Accreditations