Faculty Assembly Minutes

6 November 2009

1:20 pm, Telecom Rooms, All Three Campuses

Present: C. Dale, T. Danford, M. Deichler, , D. Goeddel, M. Goldstein, S. Gress, M. Grubor, C. Harbert, S. Hupp, J.Keyser, R. Lucki, M. Marlin, C. Morris, T. Ramsey, J. Reho, C. Riter, S. Rychlicki, P. Sharma, V. Slider, J. Tully, G. Winland, J. VanFossan, T. Vavra, D. Yadrick


Guests: none


R. Lucki called the meeting to order at 1:20 pm. On a motion by T. Vavra with a second by D. Goeddel, the draft minutes from the 2 October 09 Faculty Assembly meeting were approved as published (http://www.wvncc.edu/tdanford/senate/).

Committee Reports:

Faculty Committees 2009-2010



Academic Appeals

No meeting


No meeting; Assessment activities continue.

Board of Governors

No report


Met two weeks ago; first look at capital requests; next meeting Friday, 11/20


Paperwork for changes are due today; very few new courses will be approved. Changes in the work for HIT, ST, Business and HS.

Distance Education

No meeting

Enrollments Management

No meeting nor report

Advisory Council of Faculty

M. Goldstein reported that all institutions approved the ACF legislative agena; work will no focus on meeting with legislators and forwarding this agenda.

Faculty Evaluation

Some progress at revising system is being made; new draft should be available for the December meeting of Faculty Assembly.

Financial Aid

No meeting.


Institutional Technology

No meeting.

Judicial Board

No meeting

Learning Resource Center

Met immediately before this meeting considering restricting community use of library computers (child porn problems).

Professional Development

No meeting

Promotion Committee

No meeting


Met. Reviewed current policy for clean up needed; any changes will be effective 2010 2011.


No meeting

Student Appeals

No meeting

General Education

Met last Friday. Working on college statement on literacy (sub committee formed to do this)



Old Business: Promotion committee 2 more full professors are needed as well as one mentor. S.Rychlicki was nominated as the mentor (for the Weirton campus). M. Goldstein volunteered to serve on the committee. Still needed is another full professor.

Faculty Illness policy: at a stand still.


New Business: There was no new business.




Adjournment: On a motion by D. Goeddel with a second C. Riter, the meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Thomas R. Danford, secretary