Faculty Assembly Minutes

19 August 2009

1:00 pm, B&O Auditorium, Wheeling Campus

Present:  S. Baricska, D. Bartley, S. Beck, R. Berry, S. Clutter, C. Cornforth, T. Craig, D. Cresap, C. Dale, T. Danford, M. Davis, F. DeCaria, M. Deichler, K. Dobson, C. Eastham, G. Evans, D. Ferrell, D. Folger, S. Gress, M. Grubor, R. Guy, D. Hans, K. Herrington, L. Ingram, C. Kefauver (presiding), J.Keyser,  A. Kuca, R. Lucki, R. Malek, M. Marlin, M. Merz, L. Miller, K. Musilli, B. Peterman, J. Plesa, T. Ramsey, J. Remias, C. Riter, C. Rogerson, D. Roth, S. Rychlicki, P. Sharma, V. Slider,  M. Watson, T. Vavra, D. Yadrick


Guests:  Dr. V. Riley, Vice President Academic Affairs


C. Kefauver called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm.  On a motion by F. DeCaria with a second by J. Plesa, the draft minutes from the 1 May 09 Faculty Assembly meeting were approved as published (http://www.wvncc.edu/tdanford/senate/).

Dr. Vicki Riley brought three items to the floor:  1) the draft faculty illness policy (rule) is still in the subcommittee and there should be a revised version for discussion soon; 2) the promotion committee is currently reviewing and revising the promotion rule; and 3) a new draft faculty position description.

The new faculty position description was discussed: there were many objections and suggestions for wording changes.  On a motion by F. DeCaria with a second by D. Poffenberger, the matter was tabled until a sub committee could work on this description.  Email discussion will start the process.

ACF report:  M. Goldstein has submitted an ACF report via email.  Please check it out.

Promotion Policy:  K. Herrington reported some issues with the current policy, including initial appointment at instructor and subsequent promotion criteria (graduate credit hours, etc.).  A revised version of the policy is now being reviewed by “legal” and will eventually be brought to the full Faculty Assembly.   Please send any comments directly to K. Herrington (kherrington@wvncc.edu).

Middle College:  The Middle College is starting this fall.  Expect to see Middle College students in the B&O and perhaps in some of your classes.

Committee Assignments: 

Faculty Committees 2009-2010





Academic Appeals

Berry, Davis, Eastham, Goldstein, Ramsey, Roth, Winland, Beck

Financial Aid

VanFossan, Riter, Bartley


Cresap, Clutter, Gress, Ramsey, Malek, Reho, Stokes, Ferrell

Institutional Technology

Cornforth, Eastham, Stokes, Pusz, 3 vacant

Board of Governors


Judicial Board

Berry, Evans, Tully, Watson  (Alternates: Blatt, Hupp, Grubor, Miller)


Shelek, Roth, Vavra, Kefauver, Morris

Learning Resource Center

Harbert, Hupp, Kuca, Reho, Ryan


Herrington, Dale, Lucki, Rychlicki, Slider, Baricska, Winland, Gress, Folger

Professional Development

Cornforth, Goeddel, Goldstein, Keyser, Ramsey, Hans, Yadrick, Bartley

Distance Education

Sharma, Cornforth, Craig, Guy, Poffenberger, Ryan, Clutter, Riter, Slider

Promotion Committee

Berry, Cresap, Evans, Herrington, Ryan, Sharma, VanFossan, Winland

Enrollments Management

Grubor, Watson, Miller


Ingram, Kefauver, Deichler, Goldstein, Vavra, Plesa

Advisory Council of Faculty




Faculty Evaluation

Danford, Evans, DeCaria, Grubor, Goeddel, Morris, Stokes

Student Appeals

Harbert, Plesa, Bartley  (Alternates: Watson, Craig, Tully)



Old Business:  The salary subcommittee is still active.  It consists of C. Dale, D. Roth and T. Vavra.


New Business:  There was no new business except the draft faculty position description.


Adjournment:  On a motion by M. Grubor with a second by J. Plesa, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Thomas R. Danford, secretary