West Virginia Northern Community College


April 3, 2009


Present:  R. Berry, C. Cornforth, S. Clutter, D. Cresap, C. Dale, T. Danford, M. Davis, F. Decaria, D. Folger, D. Goeddel,  M. Goldstein, S. Gress, M. Grubor, R. Guy, D. Hans, C. Harbert, K. Herrington, S. Hupp, L. Ingram, C. Kefauver (presiding), J. Keyser, R. Lucki, R. Malek, M. Marlin, M. Merz,  C. Morris, B. Peterman, R. Pusz, T. Ramsey, J. Reho, C. Riter,  D. Roth, S. Rychlicki, L. Shelek, T. Vavra, G. Winland, and D. Yadrick.


Guests:  Dr. M. Olshinsky, Dr. Vicki Riley, Peggy Carmichael

The meeting was called to order by President C. Kefauver at 1:50 pm in the telecom rooms on all three campuses.


Dr. Olshinsky: Dr. Martin Olshinsky made the following points:

·         The State budget will not be ready until May so questions of raises for faculty and staff cammot be answered  at this time, however, attempts will be made to advance faculty and staff salaries

·         The Chancellor is suggesting planning for a 5% cut ($385,000)

·         The budget committee will be meeting to address all of these questions

·         A small tuition increase is possible ($5-7 per credit)

·         As far as the stimulus money, there is a legislative subcommittee looking at the submitted proposals.  This subcommittee will make a recommendation to the Governor

·         With respect to the draft rule on faculty absences (illness), please submit comments to Peggy Carmichael.  This rule will not come to the BOG for final approval before faculty return in August.


Dr. Riley: Dr. Vicki Riley, Vice President for Academic Affairs, announced that there will be a wording change in the annual employment notification.  Wording will change to “Faculty Spedific Employment Conditions and Responsibilities” because there is no valid faculty position description at this time.  An updated faculty position description will be on the agenda for next year and faculty involvement in the review process will be necessary.


Peggy Carmichael:  Ms. Peggy Carmichael discussed 1) faculty evaluations, 2) disability insurance options, and 3) the up-coming Benefits Fair.  The Human Resource office is in the process of reviewing full time faculty personnel files for faculty evaluations.  Old missing documents are just that… we will be moving forward, making sure evaluations are complete and filed from now on.  Ms. Carmichael distributed information on both short term and long term disability insurance.  She also passed out the flyer for the up-coming Benefits Fair to be held in the B&O auditorium 8 April 2009.


Draft Rule on Faculty Absence and Personal Illness:  This draft evoked a heated discussion; faculty are not in favor of the draft rule as written.  During the preliminary discussion while Dr. Olshinsky was present, a number of sticky points were targeted.  Dr. Olshinsky agreed that this needs faculty input and that as the draft, all comments must be addressed.  He indicated that the draft rule would not be approved over the summer so that faculty could review the final version upon return for Fall semester.


Draft Minutes, 6 March 2009:  The draft March minutes were approved on a motion by M. Davis with a second by R. Lucki.


ACF Representative:  M. Goldstein was re-elected to serve as Northern’s representative to the Advisory Council of Faculty.


Faculty Advisors for Wheeling Campus Advising Center:  Faculty should have received this job description along with directions for application.  Please respond if you are interested in being a faculty advisor in the Advising Center.


Executive Session:  On a motion by M. Davis with a second by R. Lucki, the Assembly went into executive session to discuss legal matters.  The Assembly returned to open session at 3:45 pm on a motion by M. Davis with a second by R. Lucki.


Draft Rule on Faculty Absence and Personal Illness:  Discussion continued concerning this rule.  Faculty consensus was that it was unacceptable.  Since the rule is currently open for comment, please send your comments to Peggy Carmichael with a copy to C. Kefauver.  All comments must be addressed by the Rules Committee before the draft can be forwarded to the BOG. 


The following individuals agreed to serve on an ad hoc committee to draft a counter proposal to this draft rule:  M. Davis, F. DeCaria, M. Goldstein, C. Kefauver, and R. Pusz.  On a motion by K. Herrington with a second by B. Peterman, the Assembly voted to reject the current draft proposal, to send specific comments to Peggy Carmichael, and to form an ad hoc committee to draft a counter proposal (May deadline).  This motion passed unanimously.


Committee Reports:

Copier Committee

T. Ramsey reported that copiers will store jobs sent and then the person can enter a security code and the copier would print the job.  Printers in faculty offices will become the faculty member’s responsibility (ie, ink) and will not be replaced if they break.

Assessment Committee

T. Danford is the new Assessment Coordinator.  He indicated that assessment is a college wide responisiblity and classified staff and administrators must be involved.  The committee will meet on Friday, 4/17/9.

Curriculum Committee

K. Herrington reported that the committee has reviewed the program reviews.  The committee is accepting proposals now (and in August) for the next academic year.


M. Goldstein reported that the ACF is still working on legislative matters.  He just sent via email a listing of bills concerning educational matters.  Please take a look at it.

Enrollment Management Committee

No meeting

Distance Education Committee

No meeting


Mainly routine; considering the Disciplinary Action Rule; interested in giving raises, sent proposal to the Budget Committee.

Institutional Technology Committee

No meeting

LRC Committee

Currently collecting canned goods for National Library Week

General Education Committee

No meeting

Merit Committee

Met this morning to review folders; looking at clarifying information; please forward suggestions to C. Kefauver, L. Ingram or V. Riley.

Budget Committee

Will meet on Friday, 4/10/9, to discuss budget matters


Old Business: Welcome back T. Danford!


New Business: Newly approved BOG Rules will be sent by email to all employees.  Each rule will have a form to be signed that you have read the rule (not that you approve of it).  These forms will be in the Human Resource Office.


The Promotion Committee must stay after this meeting (organizational meeting).


Adjournment:  On a motion by C. Dale with a second by R. Berry, the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 pm.