Faculty Assembly Minutes

1 May 2009

1:45 pm, Telecom Rooms, Wheeling and Weirton

Present:  R. Berry, D. Cresap, C. Dale, T. Danford, M. Davis, F. Decaria, D. Folger, M. Goldstein, M. Grubor, R. Guy, S. Hupp, L. Ingram, C. Kefauver (presiding), R. Lucki, R. Malek, M. Marlin, M. Merz, C. Morris, B. Peterman, J. Plesa, T. Ramsey, C. Riter, D. Ryan, S. Rychlicki, P. Sharma, J. Tully, J. Van Fossen,  M. Watson, G. Winland, D. Yadrick


Guests:  Dr. M. Olshinsky, President; Dr. V. Riley, Vice President Academic Affairs


Assembly President, Chris Kefauver, called the meeting to order at 1:50 pm.  He introduced Dr. Martin Olshinsky, President.


Dr. M. Olshinsky:  Dr. Olshinsky addressed the Assembly about three matters.  First was the possible pandemic of H1N1 influenza A.  He indicated that if local cases develop, it will be the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department in charge.  Preliminary thoughts include closing both K-12 and higher education institutions.  He wants faculty to think about “what if’s”.. what if Northern has to close for a couple of weeks soon, or over the summer, or in the fall?  How would faculty ensure the continuity of instruction?

Second, the draft rule on faculty illness and absence had many comments and will be under consideration until the fall semester.  Faculty are encouraged to do “homework” over the summer and be ready for the review of a new draft early fall semester.

Third, the Governor’s budget is due on 23 May.  All salary increases except faculty promotions and steps on the Mercer scale (set by State Code) are on hold at this time.  Northern will have the funds for salary increases if the technology fee is approved.  This is a wait and see situation.

Dr. Vicki Riley:  Dr. Riley spoke about faculty “contracts”.  She indicated that faculty should have received a “letter of intent” which must be signed and returned to the Human Resources office for continuity of employment.  This letter of intent indicated that the compensation would be the same as last year.  Once the budget is finalized, any faculty with compensation changes would be notified.  After discussion, the Assembly requested that ALL faculty receive such notification (listing of compensation for the contract year) not just those with changes.  Dr. Riley said she would make such arrangements with Human Resources.

Approval of April Minutes: The minutes of the April meeting were approved on a motion by B. Peterman with a second by T. Ramsey.  No action was taken on the minutes from the special meeting held on Friday, 17 April.

Merit Policy Update:  L. Ingram discussed changes in the Merit Policy.  The changes are mainly centered around documentation of activities.  There will be new, revised forms on the Human Resources pages for faculty to use in reporting meritorious activity.  The points and the acceptable activities remain the same for next year. 

In the question of no merit funds being available, the Merit Committee is recommending a 60%/40% split of funds; 60% or $8,000 of the budgeted $12,000 would go towards funding the already approved points and 40% would be used for points earned in 2009-10 (new merit packets submitted in March 2010).

Faculty Absence Rule:   The proposed Faculty Absence Rule has been rejected by the Assembly (4/3/9) and a subcommittee (M. Davis, F. Decaria, M. Goldstein, C. Kefauver, and R. Pusz)  has been formed to draft a replacement rule.  This subcommittee will be working over the summer.  Any additional comments should be forwarded to a committee member.

Faculty Contracts:  See discussion under Dr. Riley’s comments.

Committee Reports:


T. Danford reported that the committee met and is reorganized and ready to do the peer evaluations of submitted assessment reports.  It still needs an additional faculty member from the Humanities Division and will be expanded to include two more classified staff members.  He asked faculty to resubmit to him any un-posted assessment reports they might have.

Budget No Meeting


No meeting

Distance Education

No meeting

Enrollment Management

No meeting


M. Goldstein reported that most colleges in the state use a “collegiate” coverage model for sick leave.  The ACF may be addressing this problem in the future.


No meeting

Institutional Technologies

No meeting


No meeting

Professional Development

No meeting; no committee??

General Education

No meeting


See report above


No report(s)


Old Business:  None


New Business: The Middle College program will be happening this fall semester so you may see some high school students in your classes.

The Dislocated Workers program is about to begin.  Faculty may be needed to assist; you will be contacted if needed.

The Steering Committee will need faculty input.  The VPAA will be contacting faculty about this.


Adjournment:  On a motion by R. Lucki with a second by D. Cresap, the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Thomas R. Danford, secretary