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West Virginia EDGE LogoWhat is EDGE?  It stands for Earn a Degree – Graduate Early and it allows students to take high school courses for community and technical college credit.  EDGE was created by the West Virginia Community and Technical College system to provide incentives for more students to continue their education beyond high school.  Students who participate in the EDGE initiative can earn community and technical college credit, free of charge, for selected secondary and post secondary courses identified during the curriculum alignment process.

Goals of the West Virginia EDGE initiative are to provide an opportunity for all students to establish a college transcript while in high school, to increase the numbers of students attending community and technical colleges, and to establish a pathway that allows students to obtain an associate degree in a shortened time after high school or along with a high school diploma.

To be eligible to receive college credit in the EDGE initiative, a high school student must enroll in an eligible EDGE high school course, and pass the end of course test with 75 percent or higher. 

In awarding college credits, a community college identifies the EDGE high school courses for which they will award college equivalent credit and the number of credit hours to be awarded.  EDGE transcripts are generated upon successful completion of the high school EDGE course and are held by the WV Community and Technical College Central Office until the student enrolls in college.  Once enrolled in a community college, the student's EDGE transcript is forwarded to the appropriate college registrar.  There are over seventy high school EDGE courses identified by WV Northern for component college credit. 

For more information, please contact the EDGE Coordinator at WV Northern or your high school counselor.

You can also visit the State website for EDGE at www.wvtechprep.wvnet.edu for more information.

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