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WVNCC Scavenger Hunt

July 06, 2020 - July 17, 2020
All Day

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Participate in the WVNCC Summer Scavenger Hunt to win a $50 gift card! Submit your answers and photos by July 17 to The student with the most points wins!

Happy Hunting!

Earn one point per item, unless otherwise noted.

  • Take a photo of your favorite location in your community. Tell us why it’s your favorite for a bonus point!
  • What’s the best book you’ve read recently? Take a photo of the cover and tell us why you liked it!
  • Tell us what our mascot is!  Bonus point if you take a picture with an item showcasing our mascot.
  • This is an easy one – Tell us what you’re studying at WVNCC and which campus you attend!
  • Take a picture of your favorite restaurant in your community. Tell us what you order for a bonus point!
  • Take a walk and send us a picture of two interesting things you see in nature on your walk. Two bonus points if you send us a screenshot of a 10,000 step day!
  • Subscribe to our WVNCC Snapchat (3 points) and the WVNCC GO app (3 points) to keep up to date with student activities on your campus. Screenshot after you follow both!
  • Take a picture of your favorite meal to cook and share the recipe with us!
  • Tell us about your favorite student activity you’ve attended at Northern. Bonus point if you share a picture from the event/activity!
  • Have you registered for fall semester? Tell us the class you’re looking forward to the most! Bonus point if you share a picture of you on campus from last academic year.

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