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2022 Online Winter Intersession

December 19 - January 13

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to take online classes through the Winter Intersession. This is a great time to pick up credits for classes that you need to stay on track or get ahead in your program. Whether you're a current Northern student or you're just home for the break, these accelerated, online classes will help you get ahead at an affordable rate. 

Students currently enrolled at other institutions will need to follow the transient student instructions.

Courses Offered:

CIT 117 - Microsoft Applications

3 credits

This course is an introduction to the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office applications. Students must be able to use a keyboard, mouse, and have a basic understanding of computers. Students will be presented with an overview of essential computer concepts and Windows. Students will have introductory units in web browsers and general office applications. Students will explore several Microsoft Office applications where they will learn email, word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications.

ENG 101 - College Composition I

3 credits

This course focuses on the fundamentals of expository writing and various rhetorical strategies while introducing proper quotation, paraphrase, and summary of sources. Students will read and compose summaries, essays, and a position/argument paper. Students are expected to possess a command of sentence and paragraph structure.

HIST 110 - The United States to 1865

3 credits

This course surveys the history of the United States through the Civil War, stressing the origin and development of various attitudes and beliefs about the meaning of the American experience.

ECCE 100 - Foundations of Education

3 credits

This course is an introduction to the overall history, philosophy, and theory of education, with an emphasis on early childhood and elementary education. Students become familiar with various types of early childhood programs and the career opportunities they provide. The history and philosophy of education is introduced, as well as unique aspects, current trends, and quality program criteria as they apply to early childhood, elementary, and secondary. Concepts for providing developmentally appropriate practice are introduced. Differences in educational goals and approaches appropriate for young children (Pre-K through 3) and children at the elementary (K-5) and secondary levels (6-12), including requirements for children with diverse needs and abilities will also be explored.

SPCH 101 - Interpersonal Communication

 3 credits

This course provides an introduction to the process, effects and variables involved in interpersonal communication. The primary focus is on verbal and nonverbal skills in two-person and small group interactions, particularly within an organizational environment. The major concern is with conflict management, interviewing and dyadic relationships.

SPCH 105 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication

3 credits

This course includes a study of the elements of oral communication and practice in organizing and delivering short speeches. Emphasis is on the development of effective communication skills and self-confidence.

Please note: Students are limited to one course due to the accelerated 4-week time span.


$150 per credit hour in-state. Fees and hours are included in current students' Spring 2023 limits.

Tuition & Fee Information


Current Northern Students can register by working with their advisor when signing up for Spring 2023 classes. Credits will be included with your Spring Semester tuition and fees.

Students currently enrolled at other institutions will need to follow the transient student instructions.

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