WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

West Virginia Northern Community College offers a number of courses through Distance Education. WVNCC's online, distance education courses are divided into two categories: West Virginia Northern online courses and Southern Regional Education Board's Electronic Campus online courses. SREB's Electronic Campus courses are West Virginia Northern courses which have been evaluated and accepted on the State level for inclusion on SREB's Electronic Campus. These courses are freely transferrable throughout the state institutions in the 16 southern region states. West Virginia Northern Community College online, distance education courses may have an on-campus requirement, but Electronic Campus online, distance education courses do not.

SREB Electronic Campus

Distance education courses can be offered in a synchronous or asynchronous format. In a synchronous course, learning takes place in different locations, but at the same time. Some of the technologies used by WVNCC to deliver synchronous courses are IP video and Big Blue Button (accessed via Blackboard Learn 9.1). Asynchronous courses allow for learning to take place at different locations and at different times. Students and teachers do not typically need to be online at the same time.  This type of course will typically be taught using Blackboard Learn 9.1.


Some courses may require students to physically be on campus periodically for reasons such as orientations, exams, labs or presentations. These courses are considered hybrids or blended courses and are noted in the semester schedule of classes.

For information regarding the application and admission process, contact:

Jenna Derrico

Program Coordinator, Admissions Office


Direct Line:  (304) 214-8841

For information regarding Compass testing or the FastTrack program, or to schedule classes, contact:

Tami Becker



Direct Line:  (304) 214-8946