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working chefsCART 251 INTERNSHIP

Marian Grubor
Professor, Division Chair
Program Coordinator
Office 421 C
Phone 214-8869
Home phone 304-748-8275
Cell phone 304-670-0360
Email mgrubor@wvncc.edu

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CART 251 Internship. 5 Credits
The course is a combination of field service and seminar with the emphasis on the field service. Interns work in an approved food service facility performing the duties of a cook and are under the supervision of the chef in charge. Work evaluations are done by the supervisor. Students attend regular progress seminars and submit written reports. Prerequisite: Third or fourth semester Culinary Arts major.


You are responsible to be at your job when you are scheduled to work. You are to be at all seminars or make arrangements with instructor. If you miss the seminar you receive a “0" for the day.


Employers work performance            

Faculty evaluation                                    

Intern experience evaluation                 

Position Description                               

Daily Logs                                              

Work log (500 hours)                             

Recipes/ pictures (25 )                        


Summation Paper                                 



Each week I am to receive your daily logs of your work and your schedules via email. In addition the following is due as indicated; All information can be emailed to me or brought to my secretary in room 325E. I will be available each week by appointment.

1. Week Organizational class meeting. Packets distributed

2. Week Extern Position Description due; Contract signed

3. Week Overview of facility - written assignment to include
                             1. Size of facility
                             2. Number of Personnel 
                                     A. Front of House
                                     B. Back of House
                            3. Hours of Operation
                            4. Maintenance and Cleaning schedule

4. Week 10 pictures and recipes due at this time

5. Week First evaluation of intern by superior

6. Week Five additional recipes and pictures due

 7 Week Daily logs only

8. Week Five additional pictures

9. Week Last evaluation by employer

10. Week Student evaluation of site

11. Week Seminar to be determine