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Welcome to Northern Community College's Admissions Office.  Thank you for including Northern in your future. These pages explain the steps necessary to begin your journey toward a successful career with a great future as a Northern Graduate.

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Admissions Policy and Procedures

West Virginia Northern Community College is an open door college admitting students regardless of academic background.  Some Allied Health programs are limited enrollment with specific entrance requirements.  The College recognizes that many students enroll in courses or short-term certificate programs without a degree objective.  Others take courses as early entrance high school students or as transient students while enrolled at other colleges.

Obtain applications and information from any Campus Service Center, through local high school counselor offices, or online at the College's website - www.wvncc.edu.  Separate applications are available for general admission, continuing education and early entrance/home schooled students.  General admission student applications may be submitted online or at any Campus Service Center.  General admission students must select a Program of Study at the time of application.  A separate application for admission into an Allied Health program is required in addition to the general application for degree-seeking students (see Allied Health Selection and Admission below).

In addition to the application, the following is required for Admission to WVNCC

Student placement skills information is required for all admitted general admission students in order to determine academic preparation for course placement and program entry.  This assessment should be completed prior to enrollment and entry into specific courses and programs.  Placement skills information may include the following:

Allied Health Selection and Admission

Some Allied Health programs have limited enrollment and a selective review process.  Applicants must meet all general admission criteria for the College, complete a separate Allied Health or Nursing application (including application fee), and provide official copies of their high school transcript and any prior college transcripts.  Selection of applicants is a continuous process.  Early application is recommended.  See individual program pages under Healthcare and Human Services for selection criteria and deadlines.

Student Right-to-Know

In accordance with the Federal Student Right-to-Know regulations, all potential students may review the graduation rates for West Virginia Northern Community College, which are published in the West Virginia Higher Education Report Card. The Report Card is available for review at each campus Learning Resource Center and Regional Campus Dean Office, in the library at any of the public colleges and universities, or at public libraries throughout West Virginia.

Safety Information

West Virginia Northern Community College provides information on the incidence of crime on the College's three campuses. This information is available in the West Virginia Higher Education Report Card. Additionally, the College publishes crime statistics and assistance resources in each semester schedule. The schedule is available at the Admissions and Registration area of each regional campus.