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 Larry DeRosa talks about Northern's use of MyFoundationsLab.

Northern's Larry DeRosa talks about the use and impact of MyFoundationsLab through the Title III Fast Track Program.





The Title III Grant

In October 2011, WVNCC embarked on its first year of the Title III, Strengthening Institutions, Grant.  The goals of the grant include improving the success rates and retention of students in developmental education, as well as providing options to help students test out of and accelerate through developmental education.  The full, original grant request is available here.

Title III Projects

Once the Title III Core Team and Steering Committee were formed, work began on developing and implementing various projects of the program.  One of the key projects of the grant was to implement a placement test preparation program.  The objective of the program was to provide options for students to review reading, writing, and math content to retest on the Compass test if they did not pass one or more subjects on the Compass.  WVNCC decided to use MyFoundationsLab as its learning tool, backed by tutoring support and Academic Program Associates (tutor center coordinators).  Since its original inception, "placement test prep" has grown to something new and with greater, more exciting opportunities, which the school now calls "The Fast Track Program."  

Watch a short promo of MFL through Northern's Fast Track program!


Another new project implemented through Title III is the Placement Test Orientation.  All students entering Northern who take the Compass Placement Test view this orientation prior to testing and are offered an opportunity to ask questions.


Placement Test Orientation

View our Placement Test

Orientation Video







Title III Team

Grant projects don't come together on their own.  Meet the faculty and staff who make Title III happen.

Year One Data

Northern completed its first year review in the 2012-2013 school year.  Check out our data to see what we found.                                                      


Professional Development

A key component of the Title III grant is to provide professional development to faculty and staff to improve development education and placement outcomes.  From adjuncts to full-time faculty, from full-time staff and administrators, Title III-sponsored professional development has been robust.


Innovations:  Developmental Math, English and Reading

Northern is pioneering the way for developmental education initiatives in the state of WV.  Find out more about our innovations.


Presentations and Recognition

Northern faculty and staff have been selected to present at various conferences, including the League for Innovation, Pearson sponsored events, WV Association for Developmental Education Conference, WV Association of Student Affairs Professionals, and other statewide meetings.  Check out the 2013 League for Innovation Conference site for the presentation, "Multi-Faceted Approach to Improving Developmental Math Outcomes."



The Endowment Match

In planning for long-term sustainability of student success efforts, an additional component of the grant includes an endowment match.  By reaching its funraising goals through the WVNCC Foundation, Northern is awarded a match in federal dollars each year for the five years of the grant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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