WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

Computer Information Technology
Microsoft Applications
Certificate in Applied Science

NOTE: Online Degree Programs have specific entrance requirements. All developmental coursework must be completed prior to program admission.

This program will provide students with short-term training to obtain entry-level positions in computer and/or business offices. Graduates can obtain entry-level employment in a variety of firms that require an expertise in using Microsoft applications. The program also prepares the students for the MOS Certification exams.

Students in the Computer Information Technology, CAS, Microsoft Applications option will receive hands-on training using Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Publisher. Occupations available for students completing program requirements include the following: software applications user, help desk technician and end user support.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Use and apply features and commands of various operating systems
  • Develop complex spreadsheets with Excel
  • Develop presentations with PowerPoint
  • Develop documents in Publisher
  • Develop documents in Word
  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Office problems

The program course requirements are presented in sequence. Part-time students and others who cannot follow this sequence should check course descriptions in the college catalog to determine prerequisites and, in addition, should consult their academic advisor regarding the order in which they take courses.

This certificate program will provide a seamless transition for students wishing to pursue an AAS in Microsoft Applications and Support Desk.