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What Is The TEAL Lab?

The Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) Lab is located in room 313 in the B&O Building on the Wheeling campus.  A deliverable listed in the Bridging the Gap (BTG) grant, the TEAL lab was built utilizing funding from both the BTG grant and the WVNCC Foundation.  

Learning is a transactional process in that it occurs not just from instructor to student, but from student to instructor, and even from student to student, each learning from the other. TEAL is a teaching format that merges lectures, simulations, and hands-on activities to create a rich collaborative learning experience. The events that take place in a traditional classroom are happening: instructors present a new concept with supporting information and allow students practice time, they just happen a little differently. 

Life is full of problem-solving opportunities.  These problems are usually ill-defined and often require that we seek our own learning to solve them. TEAL labs allow students the opportunity to work in small groups, much the way they will need to work in many of their future careers, and to seek their own learning with guidance. Sharing ideas, thoughts, even documents, on which others can build to contribute to the conversation becomes natural and expected.  Varying perspectives on the same simulations, media, and materials, can stimulate meaningful discourse and lead students to entirely different conclusions than working on their own. Learning how to manage roles that develop organically as a group works through a project can be invaluable in fostering emotional intelligence, which is often valued by employers over skill and experience.

The research shows that students who are engaged, not merely lectured to, not only perform better on assessments, but also feel more confident about their ability to apply the knowledge they have gained.  The TEAL Lab provides WVNCC students with opportunities to collaborate in a sandbox situation where it is acceptable to take chances and make mistakes; to learn to manage group dynamics; to continue to build critical thinking skills to be used on the ill-defined problems of life; and to utilize current technology to explore their fields of study. 


The Lab:

The TEAL Lab consists of two functional spaces, a collaboration lab and a conference area.

The collaboration lab has an instructor podium, Mondo Pad with wireless keyboard and mouse, four collaboration stations each with a 48 inch touch screen PC, wireless keyboard and mouse, a table with seating for six, wireless presentation capability via the app, Mirrorop, and a glass marker board for notes or sketching out ideas.  

The conference area includes a Mondo Pad with wireless keyboard and mouse, a 12 foot conference table with seating for 10, and two glass marker boards.



Click here for a video of the progression of the lab over the summer of 2015. 



Faculty wishing to utilize the TEAL Lab for an entire class will need to make a reservation.  To reserve the TEAL Lab, please contact Becky Yesenczki at ryesenczki@wvncc.edu or by phone at (304) 214-8835.



Mondo Pad User Guide 

TEAL Lab Technology Instructions 


Technology Questions:

Chris Corbin 304-639-6327

Shelley DeLuca 304-214-8913


General Questions:

Kim Patterson 304-214-8907