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WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

All students who apply for financial aid must pay tuition and return any unauthorized grant funds and/or overdue loan payments before being eligible for aid funds or the use of funds for other educationally related expenses. Aid is granted only to U.S. citizens or aliens with a permanent resident visa. Students who are in default on a Federal Direct/Stafford, Federal Perkins, Federal PLUS and/or owe a refund on a federal grant to any postsecondary institution will not be eligible for any financial aid funds. The major financial aid programs to assist students at West Virginia Northern are Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal Direct Loans, Federal Work-Study, scholarships and academic awards, West Virginia Higher Education Grants and Pennsylvania State Grants.

Students who participate in the need-based financial aid programs have a number of rights and responsibilities:

Student Rights

Students have the right to obtain from the College:

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of students to: