WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

Faculty Assembly Minutes

4 March 2011

IP Video on all campuses at 2:00 pm


Present: K. Atkins, S. Baricska, R. Berry, S. Buerdsell, C. Cornforth, D. Cresap, C. Dale, M. Davis, F. DeCaria, M. Deichler, G. Evans D. Ferrell, D. Goeddel, R. Guy, D. Hans, K. Herrington, L. Ingram (presiding), C. Kefauver, J. Keyser, A.Kuca, R. Lucki, M. Marlin, C. Morris, T. Ramsey, J. Reho, D. Ryan, S. Rychlicki, P. Sharma, L. Shelek, V. Slider, C. Stokes, J. Tully, J. VanFossan, T. Vavra, M. Watson, G. Winland, M. Wycherley, D. Yadrick

Excused faculty (teaching): J. Remias; D. Folger (conference); M. Goldstein (ACF meeting)

L. Ingram called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m. The minutes of the 4 February 2011 meeting were approved as published on a motion by C. Kefauver with a second by D. Goeddel.

Committee Reports




No meeting.


Changes made to BA 117 and 222—due to previous changes in CIT. Please submit any requests for the April 8th meeting by March 23rd.

Distance Education

No meeting—Email will be sent by Pam concerning the HLC change request.

Enrollments Management

No meeting


M. Goldstein is in Charleston at the ACF meeting. He sent an e-mail concerning the bills currently impacting higher ed and will be sending out a report following his return..

Board of Governors

R. Berry reported the board voted to move forward with the purchase of the Straub property.

Institutional Technologies

No report.


No meeting.

Professional Development

No meeting

General Education

C. Dale reported that the assessment for the next two objectives will be forthcoming. T. Danford will be designing and contacting participating faculty.


Merit is due today. The new cycle is from January to December 2011. Activities from January-present may be used in both cycles for this year ONLY. New forms and procedure are posted on the HR website—please review. The intent is to change to electronic submission, however this is on hold until further faculty training can be completed and the current scanning system is proven to be reliable.

Budget Committee

Met; working on OTPS and capital.


No meeting


No meeting

Textbook Affordability Committee

No meeting

Self Study Steering Committee

Working within criterion committees.


Old business

IT Issue

K. Herrington noted that she had an issue utilizing the NOW class list to issue an e-mail to her class from home when there was a snow delay. She was originally told that it could not be done, however Dave Hanes was able to individually configure her system to allow her to do this. She later talked to Steve Lipello and was asked to copy him on any future IT issues.


New Business

Executive Committee Elections

Executive Committee Election has taken place, however results will be sent via e-mail next week due to the Secretary’s illness.

Election of Officers

Election of officers will be deferred to April, due to the new executive committee not being announced.

Committee Assignments

K. Herrington distributed a list of committees that she drafted and their role as standing or ad hoc. She asked for input concerning the time commitment and membership on the committees. It has been previously brought up that committee membership would rotate, however often no one is willing to step up and serve on certain committees. Further discussion on how we can rotate the membership will be forthcoming. Please send any input to K. Herrington.

Faculty Report to BOG

L. Ingram will present the faculty report to the BOG on March 24th. She would like faculty to send her any items for inclusion in the report, such as new strategies being utilized in the classroom for student learning or retention.


On a motion by D. Cresap with a second by M. Watson, the meeting was adjourned at 2:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Delilah Ryan

Acting Secretary