WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

Faculty Assembly Minutes

4 February 2011

121 EC 2:00 pm


Present: T. Aftanas, S. Baricska, S. Beck, R. Berry, S. Buerdsell, C. Cornforth, D. Cresap, C. Dale, T. Danford, F. DeCaria, M. Deichler, G. Evans, D. Ferrell, D. Folger, M. Goldstein, M. Grubor, R. Guy, D. Hans, K. Herrington, L. Ingram (presiding), C. Kefauver, J. Keyser, A.Kuca, R. Lucki, M. Marlin, C. Morris, B. Peterman, D. Poffenberger, T. Ramsey, C. Riter, D. Ryan, S. Rychlicki, P. Sharma, L. Shelek, J. Tully, J. VanFossan, T. Vavra, M. Watson, G. Winland, M. Wycherley, D. Yadrick

Excused faculty (teaching): J. Remias

L. Ingram called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m. The minutes of the 10 January 2011 meeting were approved as published on a motion by C. Kefauver with a second by R. Lucki.

Committee Reports




Fall Semester course assessment reports are due 15 Feb 11. Program and staff unit reports are due 15 April.


Work is ongoing on curriculum changes, med.asst., sign language, ST, CIT

Distance Education

No meeting but email will be forthcoming

Enrollments Managenment

No meeting


M. Goldstein distributed the ACF brochure and spoke about 3 bills in the Legislature to watch: SB330, SB 411, and HB 2029.

Board of Governors

R. Berry reported that the textbook/bookstore rule passed. The BOG is still working on acquiring the Straub property.

Institutional Technologies

Presentations by two companies on Web page re-design will occur this month. A decision should occur thereafter.


Still working on a proxy server.

Professional Development

No meeting

General Education

No January meeting


See actions taken later.

Budget Committee

Met; capital request priorization now. See salary proposal below.


No meeting


No meeting

Textbook Affordability Committee

First organizational meeting held.

Self Study Steering Committee

Meets later today… progress is happening.


Old business

Merit Again

The merit policy has been approved by the President and it and two revised forms were presented to Assembly. On a motion by C. Cornforth with a second by M. Goldstein, an amendment to the policy was presented (“Going Green”). One electronic copy and one hard, paper copy will be submitted. This amendment passed. On a motion by T. Danford with a second by K. Herrington, the amended policy passed unanimously.


New Business

Faculty Salary Proposal

On a motion by T. Vavra with a second by R. Lucki, the following proposal was brought forth:

·         If the Salary Enhancement is NOT MADE permanent, $1000 to the base and 3 increment steps.

·         If the Salary Enhancement is MADE permanent, $1000 to the base and 1 increment step.

This motion passed unanimously.



On a motion by C. Cornforth with a second by R. Lucki, the meeting was adjourned at 2:50 pm.


Respectfully submitteed,


Thomas R. Danford