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Institutional Research and Effectiveness

     What is Institutional Effectiveness?

Institutional Effectiveness is defined as the extent to which an institution achieves its mission and goals.  Institutional effectiveness is an on-going, college-wide continuous process, one that requires a large institutional commitment. 

     What is the purpose of Institutional Effectiveness?

The purpose of Institutional Effectiveness is to continually evaluate the institution and its functional areas, and then use these results to make improvements throughout the institution. The IE process includes activities such as planning, research, assessment, and the use of data and assessment results to support, facilitate and inform decision-making, creating a culture of evidence.

       Survey Results

         Institutional Data

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Institutional Research

The Institutional Research office plays a vital part in the overall Institutional Effectiveness process.  The office provides accurate and timely information to support and facilitate data informed decision making throughout the institution.  The office conducts analytical studies to support both academic and institutional strategic planning, policy development, resource allocation, and assessment.

The IR office also has the primary responsibility for reporting official institutional data to external entities including state and federal agencies, HEPC/CTC, National Student Clearinghouse, and IPEDS. Institutional Research examines the integrity of official institutional data to ensure accuracy in all reporting and analyses conducted by the office.

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We conduct and facilitate numerous surveys and studies in areas such as:

The office is the primary source for internal reporting and administers the college's institutional reporting software along with managing our student system which is currently Ellucian's Banner System.

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