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Institutional Research and Effectiveness

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Director of Institutional
Research and Effectiveness:

Pamela Woods

421 B&O Building
Wheeling, WV 26003

The primary mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) is to lead, coordinate, facilitate and support projects related to planning, assessing and analyzing the accomplishments of WVNCC's mission and strategic goals. The office promotes the institutional commitment to excellence and continuous improvement through assessment, accreditation efforts, accountability and strategic planning functions. IRE offers a broad array of decision support services to the entire college community and to external bodies as necessary.

Institutional effectiveness is an on-going, college-wide continuous process, one that requires a large institutional commitment. It is defined as the extent to which an institution achieves its mission and goals. In order to determine this, we must use the process of assessment. The purpose of Institutional Effectiveness is to continually evaluate the institution and its functional areas, and then use these results to make improvements throughout the institution. Assessment is the tool used to determine the degree of institutional effectiveness. You must assess in order to demonstrate how effective you are.

This entire process includes activities such as planning, research, assessment, and the use of data and assessment results to support facilitate and inform decision-making, creating a culture of evidence.

The office strives to fulfill its mission by:

  • Conducting analytical studies to support both academic and institutional strategic planning, policy development, resource allocation, and assessment.
  • Compiling, analyzing, and reporting accurate official institutional data to support and promote data-driven evaluation and decision making
  • Reporting accurate institutional data and information to federal, state, and local governments, as well as to internal requestors
  • Administering and analyzing institution wide surveys to students and graduates as well as course evaluations
  • Providing complete and concise placement information both internally and externally
  • Examining students, graduates, and alumni experiences
  • Providing valid, reliable data and information to support assessment, planning, and accreditation activities
  • Providing objective information that supports transparency and a culture of efidence

The office also has the primary responsibility for external scanning, non-academic assessment and reporting official institutional data to external entities including Gainful Employment, State and Federal Agencies, HEPC/CTC, National Student Clearinghouse, and IPEDS. The office examines the integrity of official institutional data to ensure accuracy in all reporting and analyses conducted by the office.

Data and Reports:

     Fast Facts/Fact Book
     IPEDS Data Feedback Reports
     Institutional Survey Results
     Internal Data Reports and Publications
Programs/Systems IR Supports:
  • Banner
  • Degree Works
  • Argos
  • My WVNCC Student Portal
  • My WVNCC Adjunct Portal
  • Course Evaluations (CoursEval)
  • Grades First
  • Blackboard
  • My Labs plus

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IR Staff:

Melanie Baker
Information Systems Specialist
Phone: (304) 214-8914
Email: meberhart@wvncc.edu

Shelley DeLuca
Information Systems Specialist 
Phone: (304) 214-8913
Email: sdeluca@wvncc.edu

Matthew Starkey
Application Programmer
Phone: (304) 214-8910
Email: mstarkey@wvncc.edu