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Rule Name

Rule Procedure if applicable

Applicable Forms

BOG Approval Date

NC-3000 Academic Freedom      3/25/2004
NC-3001 Academic Integrity and Student Responsibilities      12/6/2005
NC-4013 Acceptance of Advanced Placement Credit       2/24/2011
NC-2002 Access To Personnel Files      3/25/2004
NC-2003 Adjunct and Part Time Faculty Appointment      11/20/2003
NC-2004 Administrators with Faculty Rank Teaching      6/24/2004
NC-2005 Alcohol and Drug Free Environment      3/25/2004
NC-2006 Annual Leave (Suspended by BOG-June 26, 2017)      3/25/2004
NC-3002 Assessment      8/22/2002
NC-5010 Asset Capitalization     2/27/2014
NC-3010 Award College Credit for Prior Learning PLA Procedure   7/1/2018
NC-4008 Bookstore and Textbook      1/27/2011
NC-4000 Cancellation of College Classes      6/24/2004
NC-5000 Cash Management      
NC-4010 Catalog Rule      12/6/2005
NC-2007 Catastrophic Leave      3/25/2004
NC-2030 Classified Employee Salary Rule (Suspended by BOG-June 26, 2017)      2/26/2009
NC-2008 Classified Staff Performance Appraisal      
NC-3008 Copyright, Intellectual Property and Fair Use Copyright, Intellectual Property and Fair Use Procedure   5/17/2018
NC-2009 Employee Work Schedule and Records Rule   Overtime Request-Settlement Form  9/28/2017
NC-2010 Closing the College College Closing Process instructions    3/25/2004
NC-7001 Computer and Internet Usage Rule       7/1/2013
NC-5001 Credit Cards for Students    
NC-1001 Crime Awareness and Campus Security      3/25/2004
NC-5002 Debt Collection      3/24/2005
NC-2031 Disciplinary Action Rule   Improvement Plan 1-11 Sample  4/1/2009
NC-2001 Educational Release Time Educational Release time request procedure
                             (updated 10-29-09)
Educational Release Time Request form  9/1/2008
NC-2011 Emeritus Status for Retired Faculty and Administrative Officers Emeritus Status Criteria  Procedure Nomination Forms:

Administrative Officer

NC-2000 Employee ID/Access  Replacement Fee $10 for FY 2015; 2016   4/24/2014
NC-2013 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Discrimination Appeal Procedure  
NC-2014 Ethics Conflict of Interest      3/25/2004
NC-2015 Faculty Evaluation and Promotion  

FERC Document (2-14)

Procedure and Timeline (2-14)

Classroom Observation Rubic (2-14)


Faculty Professional Plan and Evaluation forms 1-1-2012 

NC-2016 Faculty Instructional Workload      5/23/2002
NC-2017 Faculty Professional Development      6/24/2004
NC-2018 Faculty Salary Rule      3/1/2009
NC-3003 Flexible Learning Methodology      3/2/2001
NC-1002 Freedom of Information Act      3/25/2004
NC-2019 Full Time Faculty Appointment and Status      6/24/2004
NC-2020 Full Time Faculty Termination      6/24/2004
NC-1005 Fundraising Fundraising Rule Procedure Fundraising Forms  9/1/2010
NC-3006 General Education      2/24/2011
NC-2024 Harassment and Discrimination  Appeal Process    7/1/2011
West Virginia Northern Community College, pursuant to the requirements of Titles IV, VI, VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, does not discriminate against applicants, employees, or students on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, gender, ancestry, marital or parental status or national origin in its employment policies and/or educational programs or activities, including admissions to such.

Inquiries concerning this rule should be directed to Chief Human Resource Officer Peggy Carmichael, who is designated coordinator for Title IX and Section 504. Her telephone number is 304-214-8901 and her office is located in Room 119, B&O Building, Wheeling campus. Her email address is pcarmichael@wvncc.edu.   

NC-4001 Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student Grant Program      6/24/2004
NC-2021 Holidays      6/24/2004
NC-1004 Interpersonal Violence Rule      9/24/2015
NC-3007 Major Reduction or Discontinuance of a Program      1/27/2011
NC-4016 Military Student Withdrawal Rule     2/25/16
NC-3004 Multi-Year Process for Curriculum Evaluation      9/27/2011
NC-2032 Nepotism      2/24/2011
NC-2029 Non-Classified Salary Rule      8/27/2009
NC-5007 Payment Card Rule Payment Card Procedures (updated 8-17-2018)  (Replaces NC-5003)  8/1/2008
NC-2022 Posting of Classified Position Vacancies      4/29/2004
NC-3005 Program Review Rule      2/29/2008
  Protocol for Governance by Policy      4/29/2004
NC-4015 Public School Service Program      2/24/2011
NC-5008 Purchasing Rule  Procedure    9/1/2008
NC-1003 Red Flag Rule      11/1/2009
NC-4002 Renewal of Promise Scholarship      12/6/2005
NC-4003 Residents and Non-Residents for Admission and Fee      12/6/2005
NC-2033 Role of Adjunct Faculty and the Appropriate Balance Between Full-time Faculty and Adjunct Faculty      2/24/2011
NC-8000 Rule Processing Rule Rule Processing Procedure Flow Chart

  Blank Rule Document

  BOG Request Form

NC-2023 Sabbatical Leave      12/24/2005
NC-1004 Sexual Assault Rule      4/1/2008
NC-2025 Sick Leave      6/24/2004
NC-2026 Social Justice      3/25/2004
NC-4004 Standards of Academic Progress      4/28/2005
NC-3009 Student Academic Rules and Appeal Process Appeal Process   7/1/2018
NC-4009 Student Code of Conduct      10/26/2006
NC-4007 Student ID Rule      2/29/2008
NC-1006 Tobacco-Free Campus  Effective November 15, 2012 Brochure                                                       4/26/2012
NC-4005 Tracking Written Student Complaints      6/24/2004
NC-5004 Travel Rule  Procedure    5/14/2013
NC-5005 Tuition and Fees plus Assessment Payment and Refunds      3/24/2005
NC-2035 Tuition Waiver (Employee and Dependent Tuition Waiver) Procedure Waiver Form updated 2017 8/27/2017 (Fall 2017)
NC-5006 Use of College Property      6/24/2004
NC-7000 Web Accessibility      3/22/2007
NC-2028 Workplace Standards of Conduct      3/25/2004

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