WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

Administrative Procedure


Effective Date (If Applicable) 

Adjunct Faculty Rate of Pay August 2012   8/2012
Adjunct Faculty Teaching by Administrators or Classified Staff    Adjunct Faculty Approval Form (5-26-10) 5/26/2010
College Emergency Closing Guidelines and Procedure   11/2015 
Copyright Policy    
Dress Code 2-17-2012   2/17/2012
Facilities Use Procedure 7-1-2010   7/1/2010
Faculty Promotion Criteria and Procedure Peer Evaluation Instrument for Departments and Committees  4/1/2010
FERC Procedure Effective 8-22-2016

Faculty Professional Plan and Evaluation Document (Excel)

Full Time Faculty Absence Presidential Practice                              Faculty Absence Form 3/15/2010 
Funeral Leave Procedure   3/10/2014
Jury Duty Reporting    
Master Key Usage Procedure 2-2009   2/2009
Online Course Procedure 10-12-2016   10/12/2016
Phone Conversation Recording    4/1/2008
PIQ Timeframe Administrative Procedure   10/15/2008 
Public Access Administrative Procedure   12/1/2011