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Assessment at West Virginia Northern Community College

West Virginia Northern has a long history and culture of assessment.  Efforts started in the early 90's with academic course assessment.  Courses were assessed on a rotating basis.  Once established, the Assessment committee began peer reviews of course assessment reports.  Later developments included academic program assessment and then peer reviews.  Most recently, staff unit assessment reports (by department) have been implemented.  These are also peer reviewed.  A Guide for Assessment can be found here.

Reports and peer reviews from 2008 to 2012 are available in the Faculty Document Center.  Older reports and peer reviews are available here:


assessment documents

assessment forms

assessment committee membership

institutional effectiveness reports

Assessment Plan 2012

General Education Core Outcomes

 The assessment reports are password protected.  Use your Northern creditials to log into the Faculty Document Center. To do this, go to the Northern homepage and scroll to the bottom right and click on faculty/staff access. Enter your username and password and click Login.  Now at the top of the page, in grey, is an icon, Faculty Docs.  Click there.

Assessment report files are named by the following conventions..

Filename Legend:

Filename: (report type)(year)(identity)
Example: SUAR10LRC - staff unit assessment report 2010 from LRC

AR course assessment report
PR course peer review
ProgramAR program assessment report
ProgramPR program peer review
SUAR staff unit assessment report
SUPR staff unit peer review


History of Assessment at WVNCC Assessment Committee Membership Assessment Plan 2016-2017 Assessment Forms: Faculty Assessment Forms: Staff Assessement Resources

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Assessment Reports and Peer Review Reports

Access these documents using the Faculty Document Center.