WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

WVNCC | West Virginia Northern Community College

What Do You Want to Do?

Not sure what looks interesting? No need to make a career choice right now. The key to any future is to have a plan. Plans can always be changed, but developing a plan is the best place to start. Take a look at the programs of study we offer to see if anything sparks your interest.  It just might unlock your next door to opportunity.

WVNCC Programs of Study

Invest in your future.

Nothing in life is free. I'm sure you've heard that from your parents so many times that you are willing to pay to just make it stop. The truth is while nothing in life is free, investing in your future at West Virginia Northern Community College is worthwhile and possibly the most affordable way to do it.

Maybe you've found something you like at Northern. Maybe you are even excited about a program of study or a particular course. Great! That's what we are hoping. Now the grown-up part of the process is to figure out how you want to invest in your future.

Take the time to look through our tuition page to see that attending WVNCC is really a good deal, whether you're in-state or out-of-state. You can even pay online with a credit card for your convenience.
If you need some help sorting out the money thing, check out our financial aid page for all kinds of details to help make your WVNCC education a reality.

WVNCC Tuition Schedule