West Virginia Northern Community College


Accreditation Resource Room: Change Request

Change Request Evidence

Part 1:

College Catalog
Institutional Organization Chart
Institutional Committee Membership List
Distance Education Coordinator Job Description
Trainings provided to faculty
Blackboard (sample courses available from Distance Education Coordinator)
Distance Education Data (see Physical Resource Room for success and retention rates)

Part 2:

Institution’s History with Distance-Delivered Offerings (see copies of Schedules of Classes in physical Resource Room)
Historical documents obtained from P. Sharma and Distance Ed Committee
Institutional Strategic Plan

Part 3:

Institutional Assessment Plan
Division Chair meetings agendas (see physical Resource Room)
Curriculum Minutes
Strategic Plan
Promotional materials related to Distance Education (see physical Resource Room)

Part 4:

Curriculum and Instructional Design (see online course samples from Distance Education Coordinator)
Quality Matters materials
Distance Ed Coordinator training materials
Institutional Technologies department minutes

Part 5:

Institutional Staffing and Faculty Support (visible on site visit and on WVNCC webpages)

Human Resources faculty position description
Human Resources job postings (also see physical Resource Room)

Part 6:

Student Support – Online Access to the following:

Part 7:

Evaluation and Assessment
Quality Matters material / rubric
Course Assessments (per semester) (password protected--Faculty Document Center)
Institutional Assessment Plan

Awards and Accreditations