West Virginia Northern Community College


Board of Governors

Effective July 1, 2001 The Board of Governors officially assumed powers and duties of a local governing board in accordance with the Higher Education Act adopted by the State Legislature and signed by Governor Cecil Underwood in June 2000. The staff contact person for information regarding Board of Governors is Stephanie Kappel. She may be reached by calling (304) 214-8801.

The Institutional Board of Governors consists of the following members:

Brann Altmeyer

Vice Chair
David Artman

Larry Lemon

Lay Members: 

Brann Altmeyer

David Artman

Richard Barnabei

Bob Contraguerro, Jr.

Tad Greene

Larry Lemon

Shelly Thomas

John Wright, IV

Chris Kefauver
Faculty Representative

Melanie Baker
Classified Staff Representative

Octashia Cooper
Student Representative

Awards and Accreditations