West Virginia Northern Community College


Accreditation Resource Room: Criterion 1

Criterion 1 Evidence

Component 1a

1.a.1    Responses to Self Study Survey (password protected)

1.a.2    WVCTCS Master Plan

1.a.3    Website

1.a.4    Board of Governors minutes and packets

1.a.5    Mission statement survey results (password protected)

1.a.6    Strategic Planning Committee meeting minutes

1.a.7    Academic Department Missions (Liberal Arts Division)

1.a.8    Places/locations where mission is public (visible upon visit)

1.a.9    Various publications (also see samples in physical Resource Room)

1.a.10  Strategic Plan

1.a.11  Mission and vision statements

1.a.12  Catalog

1.a.13  Student Handbook

Component 1b

1.b.1    Mission Statement

1.b.1    Vision Statement

1.b.2    2010 Census

1.b.3    Title III Grant

1.b.4    General Education Outcomes (Catalog, pg. 86)

1.b.5    Diversity Programming (described in document)

1.b.6    Diversity for Equity grants (also see the physical Resource Room)

1.b.7    Survey results

1.b.8    Affirmative Action Plan

1.b.9    EEO Audit (password protected)

1.b.10  College policy

1.b.11  Veterans services

1.b.12  WorkForce services

Component 1c

1.c.1    Mission Statement survey results (password protected)

1.c.2    Strategic Plan

1.c.3    Community Survey results (password protected)

1.c.4    Title III Grant documents

1.c.5    Annual Crime Reports

1.c.6    Budget (password protected)

1.c.7    College Committees and practices 

Component 1d

1.d.1    WV Code, Chapter 18B

1.d.2    WVCTCS website

1.d.3    Board of Governors website (with minutes and actions)

1.d.4    Board By-laws

1.d.5    Committees and councils

1.d.6    Committee minutes

1.d.7    Rule development process

1.d.8    List of approved Board Rules

1.d.9    Campus Communicator (samples available in physical Resource Room)

1.d.10  Organizational Chart

1.d.11  Survey Results (password protected)

Component 1e

1.e.1    Website

1.e.2    College Catalog

1.e.3    Media releases (on website)

1.e.4    Board Rules

1.e.5    Student Handbook

1.e.6    Staff and faculty grievances processes

1.e.7    Curriculum layouts (Catalog, 93-227)

1.e.8    Audits

1.e.9    Compliance with Copyright Laws (visible on site visit)

1.e.10  Accreditations

1.e.11  Survey Results (password protected)

1.e.12  Employee handbook

1.e.13  Crime Reports

Awards and Accreditations