West Virginia Northern Community College


Accreditation Resource Room: Criterion 2

Criterion 2 Evidence

Component 2a

2.a.1    Unemployment Data (Workforce WV)

2.a.2    2010 Census 

2.a.3    Clarus Report (available in physical Resource Room)

2.a.4    Shale Play newsletter

2.a.5    IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

2.a.6    Title III grant news releases, reports, and application

2.a.7    Progress Report on Middle College

Component 2b

2.b.1    Independent Financial Audits

2.b.2    Summary Comments from Delloite and Touche System-wide audit

2.b.3    IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

2.b.4    Budget Committee 

2.b.5    Budget Committee Minutes

2.b.6    Facilities Master Plan (see physical Resource Room)

2.b.7    Website

2.b.8    Self Study Survey (password protected)

Component 2c

2.c.1    Assessment Rule

2.c.2    Assessment Webpage/Faculty Document Center

2.c.3    Institutional Research/ Institutional Effectiveness Webpage

2.c.4    “You spoke-We listened” Webpage

2.c.5    CCSSE Reports

2.c.6    IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

2.c.7    WV Higher Education Report Card

Component 2d

2.d.1    WVNCC Strategic Plan 2011-2016

2.d.2    BOG Minutes

2.d.3    WV Community and Technical College Master Plan – Meeting the Challenge

2.d.4    Crosswalk between WVNCC Strategic Plan and State Master Plan

2.d.5    College Budget (password protected)

2.d.6    Enrollments Management Projections (see Enrollments Management Council minutes)

2.d.7    Technology Plan (password protected)

2.d.8    Facilities Master Plan (see physical Resource Room)

2.d.9    Retention Strategic Plan

2.d.10  Strategic Plan Progress Report

Awards and Accreditations