West Virginia Northern Community College


Accreditation Resource Room: Criterion 3

Criterion 3 Evidence

Component 3a

3.a.1    Institutional Assessment Plan

3.a.2    Course-level Assessment

3.a.3    Program-level Outcomes (pages 94-227)

3.a.4    Program-level Assessment

3.a.5    Program-level Matrix

3.a.6    General Education Matrix

3.a.7    General Education Goals

3.a.8    Master Course Guides

3.a.9    Staff Unit Assessments

3.a.10  Course Syllabi and Outline

3.a.11  College Catalog

3.a.12  Board of Governors Multi-Year Process for Curriculum Evaluation Rule

3.a.13  WV Higher Education Report Card

3.a.14  Faculty Document Center

3.a.15  Assessment Webpage

3.a.16  Institutional Research Office/Webpage

3.a.17  WV Series 11

Component 3b

3.b.1    Faculty Evaluation Procedure

3.b.2    Faculty Evaluation and Promotion Rule

3.b.3    Faculty Position Description and Responsibilities

3.b.4    Faculty Professional Development Rule

3.b.5    CoursEval

3.b.6    Self Study Survey (password protected)

3.b.7    Administrative Rule for Faculty Merit

3.b.8    LRC Resources

3.b.9    Adjunct Faculty Handbook (this handbook is in the process of being updated)

Component 3c

3.c.1    Course Level Assessments

3.c.2    Program Level Assessments

3.c.3    Staff Unit Assessments

3.c.4    Fall Satisfaction Survey

3.c.5    CCSSE Data

3.c.6    Self Study Survey (password protected)

3.c.7    Institutional Effectiveness Reports

3.c.8    “You Spoke…We Listened” Campaign

3.c.9    Distance Education Website

3.c.10  Strategic Planning Summary 2011-2016

Component 3d 

3.d.1    Fall Satisfaction Surveys

3.d.2    Admissions and Records Office

3.d.3    Counseling and Advising Office

3.d.4    Financial Aid Office

3.d.5    Career Services

3.d.6    Academic Student Support Services

3.d.7    Student Placement Testing

3.d.8    New Student Orientation

3.d.9    Project Graduation

3.d.10  Library Resources

3.d.11  WV Higher Education Report Card

3.d.12  Transitional Education Innovations

3.d.13  Self Study Surveys (password protected)

3.d.14  Retention and Student Success Initiatives

3.d.15  GradesFirst

3.d.16  Clinical Sites (password protected)

3.d.17  LRC Gate Count January 2012

3.d.18  LRC Annual Report 2011-2012

3.d.19  Spring 2011 Census

Awards and Accreditations