West Virginia Northern Community College


Accreditation Resource Room: Criterion 4

Criterion 4 Evidence

Component 4a

4.a.1    Catalog (sample in physical Resource Room)
4.a.2    Open admissions policy (Catalog, 20-21)
4.a.3    Academic Freedom
4.a.4    Harassment and Discrimination Policy
                 Non-discrimination statement
                 Publications showing anti-discrimination statement: (samples in physical Resource Room)
                     Career Services brochure, Student Activities brochure, Mechatronics brochure
4.a.5    Website and College publications
4.a.6    Merit, Dean's, and President's Lists 
                     Academic Honors (Catalog, 59-60)
                     Spring Semester 2012 Honors List
                     Fall Semester 2011 Honors List
                     Spring Semester 2011 Honors List
4.a.7    Leadership awards (samples in physical Resource Room)
4.a.8    Tutor recognition (samples in physical Resource Room)
4.a.9    Honors convocations (Catalog, 59-60)
                    News Releases/Honors Programs (samples in physical Resource Room)
4.a.10  Commencement (Catalog, 60, 73-74)
                    Commencement Programs - 2000-2012 (samples in physical Resource Room)
                    2012 Commencement
                    2012 Commencement Speaker
                    2012 WVNCC Valedictorian
4.a.11  Employee Recognition Luncheons (samples in Human Resources Office)
                    Employee Achievements:
                       Clausell Honored
                       Bennett - MSUS Student of the Year
                       Curto - Prestigious Paragon Award
                       Dr. Terence Zuber - Military Historian
                       Marlin - Developmental Educator of the Year
                       Kuca - Assist in Nursing Licensure Procedure
4.a.12  Contribution to Community College Education Award
                       Shannon Payton - College Activities
                       Becky Yesenczki - Friends of the College
4.a.13  Mass media
4.a.14  Student Activities Calendar and events (Catalog, 48-49)
                       Student Activities (samples in physical Resource Room)
4.a.15  Early Entrance Brochure (sample in physical Resource Room)
4.a.16  Veterans Services (Catalog, 52)
                       Veterans Offices and Services
4.a.17  Northern Regional Jail educational opportunities
4.a.18  Displaced workers programs
                       Workforce Development
                       Custom-designed Contracted Instruction
4.a.19  Services for new and returning students
                         Potential Students
                         Current Students
                         2011 Student Handbook           
4.a.20  Distance education services (Catalog, 56)
                        Distance Education Online Courses
4.a.21  ABE collaboration 
                    Flyers, brochures (samples in physical Resource Room)
4.a.22  Community and continuing education offerings (Catalog, 140-141)
                    Brochures, Schedule of Classes from 2000-2012 (samples in physical Resource Room)
                        Community Education
                        Continuing Education
4.a.23  EDGE website
                    Brochures, Handbook (samples in physical Resource Room)
                        State Website                         
4.a.24  Syllabi (password protected--Faculty Document Center)
4.a.25  Assessment activities
4.a.26  Faculty Publications and Presentations (samples in physical Resource Room)
                    Fundamentals of Macroeconomics -  Third Edition:  Co-author Denny Roth
                    Fundamentals of Macroeconomics - Fourth Edition:  Co-author Denny Roth
                    Understanding Microeconomics - Fourth Edition:  Co-author Denny Roth
                    Fundamentals of Microeconomics/Study Guide - Fifth Edition:  Co-author Denny Roth
                     Instructional Podcasting - Dr. Pam Sharma 
4.a.27  Transitional Education coursework
                        Developmental Educator of the Year - Mary Marlin
4.a.28  Academic Success Centers
                        Academic Student Support Services 
                        Academic Success Centers                       
                        ASSS Faculty Guide - Fall 2012
                        Adult Learners and Transitional Education                       
4.a.30  Support Services for Students with Disabilities 
                        About Disability Services
                        Disabilities Handbook & Disabilities Faculty Supplemental Guide (posted 2/20/13)
                        Disabilities Awareness Month
                        Disabilities Awareness Event (Oct. 11, 2012)
                        Brochures:  Disability - Support Services, C.A.R.E.S. Program, C.A.R.E.S. Information,
                                              C.A.R.E.S. Registration Form (samples in physical Resource Room)
                        Academic Student Support Services:
                           Support Services Brochure
                           ASSS Faculty Guide - Fall 2012
                           Parlin Grant to Aid Visually Impaired Students                          
4.a.31  Title III Grant
                       Title III -- Submitted Proposal
4.a.32  Budget allocation to support instruction and academic support
4.a.33  Employee Tuition Waivers
                    Full-Time Employee Tuition Waiver Application Form 
4.a.34  Faculty and staff professional development training and publications
                         Faculty Professional Development - Board Rule NC-2017  
                         Faculty Professional Development - Sabbatical Leave
                         Educational Release Time
                         Educational Release Time Request Form
                         Professional Development Opportunities (samples in physical Resource Room)
                         Published Books (samples in physical Resource Room)
                         News Release (sample in physical Resource Room)
4.a.35  All College Day and faculty week meetings (samples in physical Resource Room)
             (No samples RE: Faculty Week Meetings)                       
4.a.36  Teaching and Learning Grants (Catalog, 35)
4.a.37  Scholarships, institutional aid, and Emergency Assistance (Catalog, 15, 35, 296)
                    Emergency Assistance Fund Guidelines
                         Emergency Assistance Application Packet
                         Emergency Assistance Application Form
                         Bennett Nursing Scholarship
                         Benedum Foundation and Niekamp Foundation                   
 4.a.38 2+2 Agreements (Catalog, 82, 87, 110-149)
                  Franciscan University of Steubenville
                         Accounting Business Administration Option
                         Business Administration
                         Mental Health & Human Services
                         Social Work
                  West Liberty State College (West Liberty University)
                         Business Administration
                         Pre-Psychology with Social Work
                         Criminal Justice
                         Elementary Education
                         Pre-Secondary Teacher Education - English Specialization
                         Pre-Teacher Education - Social Studies Specialization
                West Virginia University
                         Social Work
                 Wheeling Jesuit
                         Computer Information Technology
4.a.39  General Transfer Agreements (Catalog, 95-107)
4.a.40  WV Core Coursework Transfer Agreement (Catalog, 86, 88-92)
4.a.41  Center for Economic and Workforce Development programs (Catalog, 285-286, 292-294)
                 Workforce Development
                         Technical Studies Degree Program
                         Continuing Education (Catalog, 293)
                         Table Gaming
                           Candidate Profile for Table Games Dealer
                           Course Descriptions for Table Gaming
                        Occupational Development Degree Program (Catalog, 288-289)
               News Articles
                         Partnership to Establish Training with Dominion  
                         Rig Deckhand Class - New Martinsville
                         Dominion Grant
4.a.42  Transient student application and process
4.a.43  Master Course Guides (password protected--Faculty Document Center)
4.a.44  Fall Satisfaction Survey (password protected)
4.a.45  Middle College Progress Reports
                Middle College Comparison Report
                Middle College Data              
4.a.46  Military Friendly School recognition

Component 4b

4.b.1    Board of Governor's Policy on General Education Curriculum
4.a.1    Catalog (sample in physical Resource Room)
4.b.2    Website
4.b.3    Assessment of general education 
               Catalog (Catalog, 86) (sample in physical Resource Room)
               General Education Core Outcomes
4.b.4    Assessment Plan 
                Assessment Documents
                  Plan for Assessment of Student Learning 2006 
                  Plan for Assessment of Student Learning 2012 
4.b.5    Series 11
4.b.6    Transfer programs (Catalog, 93-150)
4.b.7    Service Learning
                  Community Service
                       National Community Service Honor Roll
                       Campus Activities Board
                       Student Government Association
                       Community Outreach Opportunity Program                    
4.b.8    Career services

Component 4c

4.c.1    WVNCC Program Review Rule
4.c.2    Program Review Schedule (sample in physical Resource Room)
4.c.3    Program Review Timeline (sample in physical Resource Room)
4.c.4    Program Review Template (sample in physical Resource Room)
4.c.5    Graduating Student Survey (password protected)
4.c.6    Advisory Committees (Catalog, 312-314)
4.c.7    Professional Certification
4.c.8    Licensure Exam Pass Rates
4.c.9    Transfer Student Success
                Transfer Students
                 Student Success Resources (Catalog, 298-299)
4.b.7    Service Learning
                WVNCC Cited for National Community Service Honor
4.c.10  Student Government Association (SGA) (Catalog, 48-49)
               SGA Application
               SGA Constitution
               SGA Election Petition
4.c.11  Athletics (Catalog, 48)
4.c.12  Campus Activities Board (CAB) (Catalog, 48-49)
                Clubs and Organizations (Catalog, 49)
                Kids on Campus
4.c.13  Community Outreach Opportunity Program (COOP) (Catalog, 49)
                COOP Application
4.c.14  Higher Education Day (sample in physical Resource Room)
4.c.15  Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) (Catalog, 49) (samples in physical Resource Room)
               PTK National Web Site
               Ohio Regional Web Site
4.c.16  Junior American Culinary Federation (JACF)
4.c.17  Student Nurses Association (SNA) (Catalog, 49)
4.c.18  President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Component 4d

4.d.1    Academic Integrity and Student Responsibilities Rule
4.a.4    Harassment and Discrimination Policy Rule (Catalog, 75)
4.d.2    Student Code of Conduct Rule 
                Student Code of Conduct from Student Handbook (Handbook, 37-39)
4.a.1    Catalog
4.d.3    Student Handbook
4.b.3    Website
4.a.24  Syllabi (password protected--Faculty Document Center)
4.d.4    Board of Governors Policies
4.d.5    LRC Computer Usage Guidelines 

Awards and Accreditations