West Virginia Northern Community College


Accreditation Resource Room: Criterion 5

Criterion 5 Evidence

Component 5a

5.a.1    Environmental scanning for strategic planning with employers for new programs and Workforce initiatives (explained in document)

5.a.2    Office of Development Study

5.a.4    Strategic Plan

5.a.5    Self Study Survey showing employee involvement in communities (password protected)

5.a.6    WV State Report Card

5.a.7    Community and Technical College System

5.a.8    Higher Education Policy Commission

5.a.9    Involvement in State Committees and activities

5.a.10  Program Advisory Committees

5.a.11  Small Business Development Center

5.a.12  SPOKES program

5.a.13  High School Early Entrance classes

5.a.14  Facility usage for community organizations

Component 5b

5.b.1    Strategic Plan

5.b.2    Student Activities and departmental events

5.b.3    Martin Luther King Day of Service

5.b.4    CTC Food Drive Challenge (explained in document)

5.b.5    Secret Santa Program

5.b.6    Green Initiative

5.b.7    WVNCC Foundation Emergency Grant Fund

5.b.8    Distance Education enrollment

5.b.9    Friends of the College (password protected)

5.b.10  Service learning opportunities and internships (password protected)

5.b.11  Leadership Programs (password protected)

Component 5c

5.c.1    2+2 Articulation Options

5.c.2    EDGE Program

5.c.3    Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts hosted degrees

5.c.4    Middle College

5.c.5    WVNCC Foundation

5.c.6    WV State Report Card

5.c.7    Title III Grant for developmental education

5.c.8    Center for Economic and Workforce Development

5.c.9    Small Business Development Center

5.c.10  Center for Excellence in Workforce Education

5.c.11  WorkForce partnerships

Component 5d

5.d.1    Fall Satisfaction Survey (password protected)

5.d.2    CCSSE (Comparison Report)

5.d.3    Community Self Study Survey, mailing, and press release

5.d.4    Graduating Student Survey (password protected)

5.d.5    Student Self Study Survey (password protected)

5.d.6    CB&I, Dominion, and Northern Partnership

5.d.7    Table games training

5.d.8    Displaced workers program

5.d.9    Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B) class

5.d.10  Employment by the College (explained in document)

5.d.11  Philanthropic efforts (explained in document)

5.d.12  Fitness centers partnerships

5.d.13  Foundation Teaching and Learning Grants

5.d.14  Foundation scholarships (Catalog, 38-39)

5.d.15  Scholarships awarded by other agencies to students (Catalog, 39)

5.d.16  Paragon Award

5.d.17  Presidential Volunteer Service Award

5.d.18  Institutional Advancement/Foundation Office Report


Awards and Accreditations