West Virginia Northern Community College


Accreditation Resource Room: Federal Compliance

Federal Compliance Evidence

F.1    Worksheet for Use by Institutions on Assignment of Credit Hours and Clock Hours (provided in Appendix B of self study report)

F.2    Board of Governors Rules

F.3    Website

F.4    Catalog

F.5    Tuition and fee schedule webpage

F.6    Student Handbook

F.7    Board Policy NC-4005

F.8    Registrar webpage

F.9    Transfer webpage

F.10  Core Coursework Transfer Agreement

F.11  WV Code, Series 17

F.12  Ratios prepared by HEPC (included in document; also see physical Resource Room)

F.13  November 9, 2012, response to HLC regarding default rates

F.14  Annual Crime Reports

F.15  2012 Fact Book

F.16  Institutional Research webpage

F.17  Financial Aid webpage

F.18  Northern On the Web (NOW) (student access to records available via Student Portal)

F.19  Student Activities Calendar

F.20  Program Participation Agreement (physical resource room)

F.21  Eligibility and Certification Renewal (physical resource room)

F.22  Internal Policies and Procedures Manual (physical resource room)

F.23  Annual Institutional Data Update (AIDU), including A133 Audits (physical resource room)

F.24 Text Alert system

F.25  Reports to IPEDS, WV HEPC, WV CTCS (physical resource room)

F.26  Specialized accreditation reports (physical resource room)

F.27  Curriculum guides (Catalog, pages 93-227)

F.28  Marketing materials (hardcopies of brochures, ads, etc., in physical Resource Room)

F.29  Tuition Refund webpage

F.30  Schedule of Classes (hard copies in physical Resource Room)

  • Current schedules available under "Quick Links" on WVNCC website



Awards and Accreditations