West Virginia Northern Community College


Public Notice Of Web Change

Senate Bill 603 which became effective July 1, 2005 clarified the rule-making process for college Boards of Governors and placed new requirements on the Boards in adopting rules. Under the definition of a "rule" (WV Code 18B-1-6(c)(1)), all of the previously adopted policies of the West Virginia Northern Community College Board of Governors should now be classified as rules. Accordingly, the WVNCC Board of Governors at its meeting of August 25 voted to publicize its intent to change all current policies to rules at the conclusion of a 30 day comment period. This action will change only the title from "Policy" to "Rule" of all 44 policies currently listed on the College Web site. No change will be made within the body of any of the policies. All policies may be found under the Board of Governors portion of the WVNCC Web site at wvnorthern.edu. The comment period begins August 30, 2005 and ends September 29, 2005.

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