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Internal Data Reports and Publications

Internal Data Reports and Publications

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Applications for Fall Undergraduate Admissions Comparison Reports

In order to maintain consistency with enrollment reports generated from the Policy Commission and Council, each Fall the Institutional Research department is asked to provide in-state and out-of-state data on Undergraduate applications (First- Time and Transfer) to the WV-Higher Education Policy Commission.

Report Month/Year Report Link
March 2013-2014 Applications received through March 31st
April 2013-2014 Applications received through April 30th
May 2013-2014 Applications received through May 31st

Gainful Employment Job Placement Rates

In order to ensure compliance with gainful employment July 1st disclosure laws, it is necessary to calculate early job placement rates using the graduating student survey only. Additional placement information is gathered using the 6 month follow-up survey and by coordinating with program directors and division chairs in order to calculate our internal job placement rates.

Graduation Year Report Link
2013-2014 Gainful Employment Placement Rate
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